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Orion/Meeting minutes/20110519


  • David Williams
  • Susan McCourt
  • Mark
  • McQ
  • Libing
  • Simon
  • Silenio
  • Felipe
  • Boris
  • Andrew
  • Grant
  • Dean
  • John
  • Szymon
  • Tomasz


  • Reviewing folder selection dialog work
  • Working on lighter weight new file/folder dialogs
  • Still need to get keybindings working outside the editor
  • More polish work on the new look coming
  • Possibly introduce a key assist popup to help with bindings
  • Can now view details associated with a given commit in log/remote pages
  • Working on support for switching branches
  • Helping on some fixes for JGit
  • Changing directory structure of our HTML/JS files
  • Getting RequireJS integrated
  • Fixed several compare editor bugs
  • Can now host multiple compare editors in a page
  • Need to separate git dependencies out of compare infrastructure
  • Improving site editor UI - can start site right in the page where it is created
  • Getting self-hosted Orion sites working
  • Working on getting syntax highlighting incremental
  • Increasing level of grammar support for syntax highlighting
  • Help now integrated in the build, including jsdoc
  • orionhub crashed for first time since March announcement. JVM crash of unknown cause.
  • Rewrote how orion server is configured
  • Blogged about embedding Orion editor in Eclipse desktop
    • Need to generalize how people go about embedding parts of Orion
  • Need to migrate plugin wire protocol to simpler HTML5 postMessage rather than OpenAjax hub
  • Getting closer to consensus on details of the CrossFire protocol
  • Added CSS optimization step into the build
  • Looking at adding a console application for the mac
  • Getting very close to self-hosting site launches working
  • Fixed the full selection problem on the Mac

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