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Orion/Meeting minutes/20110512

  • Grant
  • Simon
  • Felipe
  • Silenio
  • John
  • Dean
  • Boris
  • Andrew
  • Mark
  • Libing
  • Szymon
  • Susan


  • Released full selection support in editor
  • Getting documentation into the build
  • Starting to organize wiki pages to separate formal doc from informal wiki doc
  • Orion editor opening in Eclipse desktop
    • Save and dirty flags working
    • Plugin will be available soon
  • Working on ability to self host on
    • URL rewriting to forward requests on hosted copy
  • We are now running Dojo 1.6.1
  • Improving site mapping page for managing launched sites
  • Ability to register different editors according to file types
  • Componentizing compare editor container to allow it to be reused
    • Created a compare editor widget
  • Working on structure of orion site - where html/js/css goes
    • Pulling all CSS out of HTML files to allow it to be optimized
    • Also trying to pull scripts out of HTML
    • Moving to RequireJS to enable loading only exactly what you need
  • UI cleanup:
    • Moving commands around, changing some graphics to text
    • Extension point for contributing tasks on the landing page
    • Identifying graphics we need from designer
    • Add most recently used projects to landing page
  • Working on various git bug fixes
  • Need to add support for managing/changing remote branch
  • Streamlining clone creation
  • Removed some unnecessary prompts for credentials when using git
  • Updating Git REST API doc
  • Added documentation on working with GitHub repositories
  • Added pagination to git log page to avoid timeouts
  • Do we need to coordinate cross-cutting renaming work in M8?
    • We will wait until RequireJS changes are figured out

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