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Orion/Meeting minutes/20110505


  • Susan McCourt
  • Michael Rennie
  • Libing Wang
  • Mark Macdonald
  • Silenio Quarti
  • Felipe Heidrich
  • McQ Wilson
  • Grant Gayed
  • Boris Bokowski
  • Andrew Niefer
  • Dean Roberts
  • John Arthorne
  • Jon Ferraiolo


For remainder of 0.2 cycle, our focus areas are:

  1. Features required for self-hosting
  2. Consumability
  3. Performance/Polish
  4. Documentation

We will start putting our weekly integration builds on

Status Updates

  • Created example of embedding editor
  • Started work on landing page
  • Polishing off crossfire debug protocol: alpha 7 out soon
  • Working on handling editor zoom
    • Going for simple fix of making all lines big enough to handle bold/italic
    • Now line height doesn't need to change as you type
  • Gave talk on Orion at JSConf
    • Talk was well attended
  • Builds are now sending results to Orion releng list
  • Added license root files and switch to use license features
  • Working on getting Dojo 1.6.1 into Orbit
  • Working on embedding web editors into Eclipse desktop
  • Implemented copy/move/rename for project
  • Getting documentation infrastructure in place
  • Working on make compare editor consumable by others
  • Working towards enabling three way compare editor that shows ancestor
  • Problem with mixed line terminators that needs to be fixed
    • Possibly have editor honor existing line terminators in the file
    • Still no good answer for new empty files. Need to determine the server's native line terminator rather than client.
  • Setting up example site for embedded editor example

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