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Orion/Meeting minutes/20110303


M6 status.


  • Simon Kaegi
  • Boris Bokowski
  • McQ Wilson
  • Grant Gayed
  • Andrew Niefer
  • Mark MacDonald
  • John Arthorne
  • Susan McCourt
  • Jon Ferraiolo
  • Nayna Jain
  • Gosia Janczarska
  • Tomasz Zarna


  • Should be wrapping up feature work this week in preparation for M6 (open beta, eclipsecon)
  • Making Unit testing UI nicer
  • Crossfire implementation: Adapting to changes in how objects and functions are represented
  • Breakpoint changes for crossfire nearly ready
  • Next crossfire alpha release in mid-March
  • A critical fix to make in editor (hit test off due to changed tab size)
  • JSTestDriver integration with unit tests in build
  • Started on dojo build/compression
    • Need to compress dojo for M6, but compression of Orion JS is less important
  • Site launching: support for launching in sub-domains.
  • Git status page in working shape
    • Stage/unstage not working yet
    • Also need commit but won't be done this week
  • Commands can now access selection properly
  • Initial move/copy UI
  • Working on polishing UI - presentation of links
  • Git clone working
  • Several things left to do on file client: copy/move/getContents/setContents/auth problems
  • Working on local-storage based preferences with periodic sync to server
  • Store plugins in preferences
  • Have notion of default set of plugins for site
  • Clean up local storage on log out to support multiple users per browser
  • Looking at OAuth, security consequences of plugin architecture

General Discussion

  • Need to shift some focus to user experience. Our tools need to be easy to use, clean, and consistent.

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