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Orion/Meeting minutes/20110203


  • Configuration Service 336260
  • Unit Testing


  • Nayna Jain
  • Szymon Brandys
  • Sundar
  • Paul Beusterien
  • Felipe Heidrich
  • Mark MacDonald
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Susan McCourt
  • John Arthorne
  • McQ Wilson
  • Boris Bokowski
  • Libing Wang
  • Andrew Niefer
  • Grant Gayed
  • Simon Kaegi


  • Orion/Milestone Plan is available
  • Working on improvements to the plugin registry
  • Editor tests, code coverage, bug fixing
  • JS Unit, getting tests running with JS Test Driver
  • Fixing build problems causing build failures
  • Working on cross-fire protocol, and breakpoints in particular
  • Starting to work on a Git client for Orion
  • Moving editor actions, toolbar buttons so they can be rendered consistently
  • Susan looking at organizing/polishing the UI, working with Nathan on styling
  • Need an example of a contributed action that requires delegated authentication


  • Need to focus on community development, getting web community interested and engaged
  • Identify critical pieces required for self hosting
  • Configuration service
    • Orion installations on different hosts
    • Would like to share plugin configuration across multiple Orion servers
    • Possibly a given user would have multiple "configurations" of plugins depending on their task at hand
    • Deeper dive on this subject on the mailing list, with a separate phone call to discuss
  • JS unit testing
    • Unable to establish provenance for JQuery, which is required by JS Test Driver.
    • IP clearance in progress but won't come soon.
    • Need an alternative JS testing solution in the meantime.
    • JS test driver also doesn't support asynchronous tests yet
    • Performance tests for JS would also be valuable

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