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Orion/How Tos/Orion Projects

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How To Use Orion Projects

Projects are top-level folders that are capable of containing extra metadata. Project metadata is kept in project.json file located in project root. project.json file can be shared via scm and then project metadata will also be shared.

How To Create Project

Every top-level folder can be converted info project using action in editor:


If you want to create a new project use [+] -> New Project menu and choose the project type you would like to create. In standard Orion you can create empty projects, projects based on Zip file and import projects from Git repository.


Project Associated Content

Project may have external dependencies called Associated Content. Associated content will be presented on the project view, so that user has access to it in the context of the project. Associated content descriptions do not contain workspace- or user-specific information, so it can be shared. Sharing project.json via scm will allow other users to recreate the project dependencies structure based on the associated content information.

Associated content may be added on the project view using [+] menu.


When project has associated content, but user does not have the defined content in his workspace he may use the connect button, to obtain the code from defined dependency, for instance clone the repository from Git. Associated content descriptions are made in a way to allow downloading the content without having to know its remote location.


If user adds and external folder from his workspace as associated content and the folder is shared via scm (now supported Git) is will be discovered and scm information will be included in project metadata.

How Extend Orion Projects

Orion projects feature allow to contribute external project/associated content types using plugin. In order to do so an extension for orion.project.handler should be created. An example implementation can be found in gitPlugin.

orion.project.handler API description can be found here.

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