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Orion/How Tos/Init repository and push to github

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  1. Click your login name upper right corner, select Profile
  2. Verify that you have set the git email and git user name correctly.
  3. Click Orion > Repositories
  4. From the tool bar click Init Repository
  5. Put your project name in the box, verify that New folder is selected, then OK. Your new project will be listed on the git-clone (Repositories) page
  6. Expand the twist on the left of the project.
  7. Click the + plus sign on the right of Remotes, a dialog box requests Remote name and URI
  8. Enter "origin" for Remote Name.
  9. Enter https://<your-github-id><your-github-id>/<your-project-name>.git
  10. Click OK
  11. In another browser tab, navigate (login to github if you need to)
  12. Fill in the form using the project name matching the one you used in Orion
  13. Back on Orion, Click Git Status next to the project name on the Orion repositories page.
  14. You should see Recent commits on master followed by an arrow-pointing-to-a-can icon (push).
  15. Click it, you're done.

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