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Orion/How Tos/How to brand Orion

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This page is meant to collect information on the mechanisms for branding an Orion instance.

Ideally things should be customizable without requiring code to be written (server or client-side). Also, it should be possible to adopt a new version of Orion and reapply the branding quickly and an easily automatable way (i.e. by placing files in some locations, by replacing values in property values, by passing startup parameters etc).



Customizing the Orion front-page graphics



Customizing the Orion login/front-page color scheme


Customizing the Orion login/front-page window title

Shows "Orion Login Page"


Customizing the Orion window title

Shows "Welcome to Orion"


Customizing the Orion landing/sign-in/register pages


Customizing the email templates

Orion can send a few different email notifications, such as email address confirmation and password reminder.

Currently this is not customizable. See bug 403261[1].

Customizing the set of plug-ins Orion instance starts with

  • This can be done today by overlaying a different defaults.pref file at the root of the web server. For example this file controls what is available on orionhub:
  • There is no pluggable mechanism to do this. See bug 358266[2].

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