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This page summarizes the current state of Eclipse Application Services. We expect some subset of the desktop E4/Eclipse Application Services (aka "the twenty things") to be applicable to Orion. We also expect that discoveries made in the Orion implementation may in turn affect the API on the desktop.

Service discovery and retrieval are necessarily different in Orion than they are on the desktop, where an OSGi service model is used.

The service registry

In Orion, references to service objects are not made in client code. All requests of a service are made through a service registry, so that the registry can use appropriate communication mechanisms, depending on where the service resides (locally or in another domain). All interaction with services are asynchronous. If there is a return value to be obtained from a service upon issuing a particular request, it is provided via a callback object passed in by the client.

The service registry is currently implemented using the Open Ajax Hub.

Service Implementations

We're using the implementation of basic Orion functionality to drive the priorities for implementing services. We have been collecting some Orion/EAS/EAS Web Use Cases to call out other services that may be needed.

The list below itemizes the services we have implemented that have been traditionally thought of as part of "the twenty things." It includes links to bugs and documents concerning these services. There are other services specific to Orion (workspace management, user management, etc.) that are available in the service registry and may indeed become part of the standard application services.

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