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The debug project is designed to bring universal launching and/or debug support to Orion via a plug-in and/or browser extension(s) for specific browser debug support.


What does it mean to launch something in Orion?

  • Does it mean that we simply replace a file(s) on some server?
  • Do we deploy a server with the new files?
  • Do we push file(s) to a virtual environment?


There are many ways we could approach the idea of debugging. Each way differs based on what it is that we want to debug and how we want to debug it.

Kinds of things we might want to debug:

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • the Orion server

How do we want to present debug support in Orion?

  • Do we want full-fledged, platform-esque, debug support in Orion?
  • Do we want each piece of debug support to be its own self-contained plug-in?

Current Development

There is a project focused on bringing console support to the Chrome browser via the chromedevtools protocol and a custom Chrome extension.

The current code can be found in the Orion client repo

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