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Orion/API Changelog

This page lists breaking changes that may impact consumers of Orion. It is maintained on a best-effort basis, and should not be taken as an exhaustive list.

Orion 9.0


  • bug 461222: The HTML and CSS content assist providers no longer ship compiled into built-editor.js and built-editor.min.js. This was done to reduce download size. The caller is now responsible for loading their desired content assist provider(s) and registering them with the editor.


  • bug 461739: npm commands have been removed from the Orion Shell page. The org.eclipse.orion.server.npm bundle, which implemented the servlet that provided these commands, has been removed.

Orion plugins

  • bug 462082 The "Get Plugins" page has been moved to Plugin URLs have changed accordingly.
    • Users should uninstall any plugins hosted at *, as they will eventually be taken down.

Orion 8.0

Internationalization (i18n)

  • The orion.i18n.message service has been removed.
  • Translation is no longer provided through the plugin registry. Message bundles cannot be installed at runtime by the user.
  • Any nls properties on services registered with a PluginProvider are ignored. Other NLS-related properties, such as nameKey, descriptionKey, etc, are also ignored.
  • The Orion UI framework will no longer load message bundles nor look up strings on behalf of a plugin.
  • Plugins are expected to perform translation themselves, using any appropriate strategy (such as RequireJS's 18n plugin, for example). Any user-facing labels or strings returned by services (such as validation error messages, or command labels) are now expected to be translated into the user's locale if possible.

Node.js server

  • bug 427399: On the Orion Node.js server, the navigation menu no longer links to the Orion Shell page. Instead, a link is shown to the Terminal page, which provides access to a native PTY through a web shell.
    • The Terminal page is currently not supported for Node.js servers running on Windows.

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