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CDE 2 consumes a subset of the commands used in "scripts" defined by the open source Selenium project.

Supported Commands

  • assertTextPresent (pattern)
  • assertTitle (pattern)
  • click (locator) - button/link
  • clickAndWait (locator) - button/link
  • check
  • echo (message)
  • fireEvent (locator, event)
  • open (url)
  • pause (delay)
  • select (selectLocator, optionLocator) - dropdown
  • store (variable-name, value)
  • storeSelectOptions (selectLocator, variableName)
  • type (locator, value) - text box
  • uncheck


The Selenium language supports variables of the form "${foo}" that can be evaluated at runtime. Our plan is that CDE2 will evaluate these variables by calling getAttributes() or the getCredentials() method of Org.eclipse.higgins.js.pds.client.

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