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{{#eclipseproject:technology.higgins|eclipse_custom_style.css}} The XDI Context Provider implements IdAS 1.0 Package operations by sending XDI messages to an XDI endpoint (or by applying them to a local XDI document).

It maps IdAS operations to XDI operations. This mapping is described in further detail at IdAS XDI Mapping.

The XDI Context Provider is the client counterpart to the Attribute Service web application.


The XDI Context Provider is a Higgins Context Provider, i.e. it implements the IContextFactory, IContext and other interfaces of the IdAS API.


  • Higgins Home
  • The XDI RDF Model is the current OASIS TC proposal for an RDF-based data model and addressing format for XDI. This document includes the proposed XDI RDF schema and a number of examples of XDI documents. (Note that it does not yet include the proposed XDI messaging format, which uses XDI documents as message envelopes for other XDI documents.)
  • Wikipedia page on XDI

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