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{{#eclipseproject:technology.higgins|eclipse_custom_style.css}} This is a project to hold implementation code that can be used across different configurable components and configuration handlers. Currently, it only has a helper class that creates a factory object for a configurable component.


  • No currently planned features.



public class ConfigurableComponentFactoryHelper
   static public IConfigurableComponent 
        getSingletonFromFactory(final String factoryClassName)
		throws Exception {...}

   static public IConfigurableComponent 
        getFromFactory(final String factoryClassName)
		throws Exception {...}


  • Implements IConfigurationHandler
  • Reads property file (setConfigurationBase, setFileName)
    • Map holds one entry per property
    • Key and value are both strings
public class PropertyFileConfigurationHandler
  //constructor #1: no file or directory set
  public PropertyFileConfigurationHandler() {...}  

  //constructor #2: set file, but not dir
  public PropertyFileConfigurationHandler(String fileName) {...}

  //constructor #3: set directory and file
  public PropertyFileConfigurationHandler(String configDir, String fileName) {...}

  public java.util.Map getSettings() throws Exception {...}

  public synchronized boolean configure(Map mapConfigurationSettings) 
				throws Exception {...}

  public void setConfigurationBase(String dirName) {...}
  public void setFileName(String fileName) {...}

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