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Orbit Minutes 070313


  • Christian Damus
  • Martin Oberhuber
  • Thomas Watson
  • Jeff McAffer
  • Kim Moir
  • DJ Houghton


Review action items from last call

IP Log info

Pascal to work on a document describing the format and requirements. Jeff to review.

  • Initial draft done. Awaiting review before released to dev list for comments.
  • Action: Jeff to review doc.
  • Action: DJ to send to dev list for comments.

Consuming Orbit Bundles

Kim to work on doc "How to consume Orbit".

  • Action: Kim to create a wiki page

Done - see [| Consuming Orbit bundles in your builds] and note sent to cross-project-issues list.

  • Action: DJ to talk to Pascal, can generated Orbit maps always specify a version number? Created bug 177427.

Update features and map files

David to update the Orbit build process and try multi-versions in the map files. If everything works out he will combine the map and feature files. Note: Does this mean we are down to 1 feature.xml and 1 map file now?

  • Looks like we are close (need update from David)
  • Features can handle multiple versions of the same bundle.
  • Are there problems with PDE/Build when building multiple versions of the same bundle when it is a singleton?
  • Tom says there is a dev flag for the State to allow for multiple versions of singleton plug-ins to resolve at the same time.
  • Also allows for bundles to be resolved against non-resolved dependent bundles.
  • Action: DJ to talk to Pascal and confirm there are no problems. Created bug 177425


There are some open issues with the Xerces bundle around splitting the API bundle into mutliple JARs.

  • Need to get status from David

Other discussion topics

Orbit Milestone

The Platform M6 milestone is March 23 and the Orbit milestone is n-1 so its this week. Are there any remaining issues to address before we graduate a build?

  • to have minor changes this week
  • Action: DJ to send note to dev list - (David already beat me to it)
  • Signing - Do we need legal approval for signing?
  • Action: Jeff to confirm or deny - No we don't need approval.
  • Members of Orbit should start reviewing other members' bundles for form, etc.

and junit


Some pre-built bundles (like ICU 3.4.5) have exact versions in the manifest. Since they are pre-built should we leave them as-is or should we be adding ".qualifier" to the bundle version? Also, if we don't add the qualifier, then we should remove the ".qualifier" from the version in the feature.xml file.

  • As soon as we modify anything in the bundle, then we should take that opportunity to add a qualifier to the bundle version if its missing.
  • Signing doesn't count.
  • Should we re-sign if already signed? Yes...goal is to say "this is the one we got from Eclipse".

Next Meeting

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