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Orbit Minutes 070130


  • Jeff McAffer
  • Thomas Watson
  • Kim Moir
  • Pascal Rapicault
  • DJ Houghton
  • David Williams
  • Hubert Leung
  • Martin Oberhuber


Review action items from last call

Scheduling Wiki Page

David Williams to setup scheduling wiki page

  • Still a work in progress.
  • The purpose of the page is to give consumers an idea of what they can count on.
  • This is especially important for Europa.
  • It should address the important needs for consumers and impose a schedule on ourselves. (the Orbit team)

OBR Fetch Factory

Simon to look at an OBR fetch provider for PDE Build

  • Not done yet, added to agenda for next call.

Other discussion topics

Consuming Orbit Bundles

Start to get other teams consuming Orbit bundles in their build.

  • The Platform should lead the way and adopt Orbit bundles into their build.
  • An initial URL Get fetch factory was written for integration into PDE/Build.
  • Action: Pascal and DJ to test this. Bug 171869
  • Also the Orbit build needs to produce a map file that consumers can rely on. Teams can just include this map file in their builds instead of having plug-in entries in their own map files.
  • Action: Kim/Pascal to contact David to discuss producing this file.

Tracking Legal Requirements

Recap how we are handling the legal requirements of the contributions. We should be maintaining a pointer to the original IPzilla entry etc. There are some other bits like the current state of that particular version of the bundled lib etc.

  • General consensus is we should have a file (perhaps XML? with a transform file to allow for presenation in HTML?) in HEAD describing the project and its branches.
  • We need to come up with a skeleton doc for required entries.
  • Action: Martin to send out a link to their IP Log info so a required list can be started.

Stable/Milestone Orbit Builds

Are we going to have "stable" Orbit builds? The RelEng teams need to be able to reproduce specific builds from specific versions and if Orbit is continuously being built with new versions all the time, this makes their task difficult since presumably we won't be archiving every single Orbit build.

  • Currently builds are put on the committers site and we need to define the process for graduation to the real site, as well as the retention policy.
  • Action: Pascal to investigate PDE/Build and having multiple versions of the same bundle in map files
  • Since each bundle included in Orbit is on its own release schedule, we need to do something similar to the Callisto, etc releases.
  • We need to create a milestone schedule for Orbit and people will decide which version of their bundle they want contributed to the Orbit milestone
  • Scheduled milestone dates should be a week before the SDK milestone dates to allow for consumption
  • have a special map file for the milestone that automatically gets graduated on milestone day
  • map file is a statement of what is stable
  • we need to write up a summary and proposal
  • Action: David and Kim to investigate and write a short doc, Martin to review

Source Builds

Issue raised by Martin on mailing list. Do we have a plan?

  • not yet
  • potentially can maintain individual source bundles for each bundle
  • take the jar of source and inject things into its manifet and add a plugin.xml file
  • should we ship source as fragments?

Open Action Items

  • Jeff to set up next call in 2 weeks - Feb 13
  • Pascal and DJ to test GET fetch factory for inclusion into PDE/Build
  • Kim/Pascal to contact David re: having the Orbit build process produce a map file for consumers
  • Martin to send their TM IP Log info to mailing list
  • Pascal to investigate PDE/Build allowing for multiple plug-in versions in the same map file
  • David and Kim to write up a short doc on what is required for Orbit "stable" builds; Martin to review
  • Simon to give progress report on OBR fetch factory
  • Next call we should discuss "Should we be signing our bundles?" - Kim to investigate
  • Platform to consume orbit bundles for M5. Note this requires promoting an Orbit build.

Next Meeting

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