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OpenTech Media Videos

Eclipse is producing a series of videos with OpenTech Media to highlight the projects in the Ganymede release. If you are interested in recording one please contact Lynn Gayowski at lynn at eclipse dot org.

Content of Your Video

  • Videos should be approximately 15 minutes long
  • Focus on what's new in your project or what's exciting to you in the Ganymede release
  • The target viewers may be end users or extenders - you can choose which audience you'd like to focus on
    • When the video is posted we can clarify who the video is for in the description on Eclipse Live
  • As a guideline, choose 3 key points
  • For this length of video, it's probably best to use no more than 3 PowerPoint slides and a demo for the remaining time
  • Examples:

Recording Your Video

  • A video generally takes about 1 hour to record, depending on how many takes you do
  • OpenTech Media will provide all post-production editing for you
  • Follow the instructions at to download the required files and record your demo
  • We will email everyone a "fact sheet" to fill out and send with your recordings so OpenTech Media is provided with a description and table of contents for each video
    • If you have special instructions such as parts of the video will be submitted by different presenters, the sections of your video were not recorded in sequence, etc., you can include these here
  • Don't worry about mistakes or pauses - as you go along you can give instructions if you like by pausing so there's a break in audio for easy editing, then say your instruction such as "ignore the last section", "use this take", "remove the part about X", etc.
  • If you're happy with 1 or 2 takes and don't have specific instructions, OpenTech Media will go through and choose the best 15 minutes of your recordings
  • If any technical questions come up, contact OpenTech Media at or +1.408.877.6760
  • Everyone will have a chance to review the final version of their video for final edits before it's published
  • All videos must be submitted by July 7 (the earlier the better!)

Promoting the Videos

  • Eclipse will post them all to Eclipse Live
  • We encourage everyone to post a link to their recording from their project pages
  • Please blog!

Confirmed Presenters

Name(s) Project/Topic
Jordi Boehme Lopez RAP
Kathy Chan, Chuck Bridgham or Kaloyan Raev WTP: JEE, EJB and WebServices
Bradley Childs, Phil Berkland or Nitin Dahyabhai WTP: Source Editing - Javascript IDE
Paul Elder Modeling
Brian Fitzpatrick DTP: UI for connection profile creation, SQL Query Builder
Matt Flaherty Equinox Security
Neil Hauge or Shaun Smith WTP: Dali - JPA Tools and EclipseLink
Anthony Hunter GEF
Kenn Hussey Modeling
Scott Lewis ECF
Jeff McAffer Equinox (2 videos)
Kyle Nolan, Hemang Lavana or Andrey Platov DLTK
Martin Oberhuber DSDP Target Management
Pawel Piech DSDP Device Debugging
Pascal Rapicault P2 from a user's perspective
Raghu Srinivasan WTP: JSF - Trinidad components
Igor Vinnykov Subversive

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