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October 2015 Status Meetings


Jay - Working on project support - refactoring persistence provider and core.
Robert - Working on VIBE SWTBot tests. Reviewing Tony's contributions.
Hari - Adding support for expressions in the VisIt client and session/window saves.
Taylor - Preparing for pilot participants. Working on the Nek Model Builder SWTBot tests.


Jay - Working on project support and setting up the XML Persistence Provider to use Extension Registry. Similarly for IReader/IWriter.
Alex - Working on ICE developer tooling, refactoring abstract handler object hierarchy.
Robert - Working on getting SWTBot recorder to work, getting CI working on Mac Mini, and working on Mac UI bugs.
Andrew - Fixing issues with python installer.


Alex - Working on dev support, merging into next. Looking into XML Schema improvements.
Taylor - Working on configuration and testing for participant machines in VOCC lab.
Robert - Setting up Mac OS X Jenkins install.
Andrew - Researching artificial intelligence stuff.


Jay - Working on common navigator framework extensions needed for loading Items. Refitting the Core to use ICE Extension points.
Taylor - Working on configuration and testing for participant machines in VOCC lab.
Robert - Working on VizService Tests.


Jay - Continuing work on project support - converting declarative services to extension points, fixing bugs related to item development in ICE.
Robert - Adding VizService tests, working through EMF tutorials, starting reactor refactor in EMF prototype.
Taylor - Working on setup tasks from pilot, meeting to figure out scheduling, planning for study at ORNL. Working on slides for ECE.
Pratul - Working on Tau use and integration in ICE. Testing out ICE Dev Menu.
Hari - Working on java client - making it more robust.


Robert - Working on the EMF reactor data structures prototype.
Taylor - Working on planning and scheduling for the study on Oct. 21,22.
Andrew - Research/Lit review for machine learning.


Alex - Working on project support branch, cleaning up and fixing bugs for merge with next.
Robert - Working on EMF prototype and getting the new JavaFX geometry viz service working.
Andrew - Working on pulling features out of structured text.


Alex - Working on project support branch, cleaning up a few build bugs.
Robert - Working on the EMF prototype, getting EList and EMap to work.
Taylor - Working on R scripts for usability study data analysis.
Ksenia - Working on Lab training, running through lab responsibilities checklist.
Hari - Working on a bug in the visit java client related to updates in the backend.


Ksenia - Working through ICE Wiki tutorials - testing each one in ICE for potential bugs.
Taylor - Continuing with R stats work. Working on ECE talk.
Pratul - Working on Tau wiki docs.
Robert - Working on JavaFX EMF prototype. Fixing target issues on Linux machine.
Hari - Working on remaining java client bug fixes. Working on visit build version 10.


Jay - Finished project support in ICE. Working on ICE plugin generation.
Alex - Working on import file as item functionality in new ICE project support setup.
Robert - Tested project support branch on Windows. Testing on Tony's JavaFX work. Working on getting ICE working on Linux machine.
Taylor - Working on ECE slides. Finalizing scheduling for HCI study.
Andrew - Working on writing up docs on AI.


Jay - Working on the ICE plugin project generation tool. Also working on the parser generator.
Alex - Updated the Import File and Import File As Item Wizards to work with new project support.
Robert - Installed E(fx)clipse on demo laptop. Working on getting the Linux touchpoint p2 bug fix.
Taylor - Preparing for tomorrow's HCI study.
Andrew - Researching pattern classification and Eclipse class generation.


Alex - Implemented ICE Item XML file renaming functionality.
Taylor - Running the HCI study.
Robert - Working on the Linux target bug, writing tests for EMF data structures prototype.
Hari - Documenting changes in library and external wiki.


Jay - Merging projectSupport into next, attending various meetings. Starting up the new web server.
Robert - Installing ICE on laptop, working on Tony's geom editor and more EMF tests.
Ksenia - Installing ICE on Linux with the python script.
Hari - Working on documentation for java client widgets.


Jay - Fixing bugs in next to prepare for ICE 2.1.8 release.
Robert - Building the projectSupport branch on Linux and Windows to test it. Writing more tests.
Ksenia - Continuing testing the MOOSE Item, researching MOOSE and Stork repos. Installing and connecting to VisIt.
Taylor - Working on ECE talk preparations.
Andrew - Testing projectSupport branch.


Robert - Working with Modisco and Papyrus to get the Java-to-UML-to-Java workflow working.
Taylor - Working on ECE talk preparations.


Jay- UI Refactor and bugfixing reflectivity code.
Robert - Working with Modisco and Papyrus to get the Java-to-UML-to-Java workflow working.
Taylor - Working on ECE talk preparations.
Hari- Updating Java client documentation and merging into next.


Jay - Working on a vision document for work at the SNS. Starting on talk slides for ECE.
Robert - Working on the Java to UML to Java workflow and Viz Service tests.
Ksenia - Testing the ICE install python script.
Taylor - Finishing up ECE presentation, starting data analysis for HCI study.

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