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Resources to play with SDT and TS-0023 specification (HAIM: Home Automation Information Mapping)

Several resources like sample applications and connectors (IPE: Interworking Proxy Entity) are available in the GitHub to start playing with devices described in SDT.

The TS-0023 specification is also a document you can refer to.

All the resources are located in OM2M GitHub.

Software Location in OM2M GitHub Description
SDT code base org.eclipse.om2m.sdt.api SDT components implementation: Devices, ModuleClasses, etc.
HAIM code base org.eclipse.om2m.sdt.home HAIM implementation: Light, BinarySwitch, etc.
Mocked devices IPE org.eclipse.om2m.sdt.home.mocked.devices Connector for mocked devices
EnOcean IPE org.eclipse.om2m.sdt.home.enocean Connector for EnOcean devices
Philips Hue IPE org.eclipse.om2m.sdt.home.hue Connector for Philips Hue connected lights
LIFX IPE org.eclipse.om2m.sdt.home.lifx Connector for LIFX connected lights
Netatmo IPE org.eclipse.om2m.sdt.home.netatmo Connector for Netatmo connected devices: Welcome camera and weather station
Smarter Coffee Machine IPE org.eclipse.om2m.sdt.home.smartercoffee Connector for Smarter Coffee Machine
Smarter Kettle IPE org.eclipse.om2m.sdt.home.smarterkettle Connector for Smarter Keetle
Home Monitoring Application org.eclipse.om2m.sdt.home.applications Home Monitoring Application is a web dashboard application which uses SDT
SDT Viewer org.eclipse.om2m.sdt.comparator.xml SDT Viewer is a web application which displays SDT Devices, their ModuleClasses and allows to display side-by-side two devices and their modules
Android Dashboard An Android dashboard application which uses SDT

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