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This page describes the current plan for the upcoming features of the OM2M project.

Please note that this roadmap is a moving target. Depending on priorities and community contribution, the roadmap can change any time, so do not take it for granted, but see it as a guidance of direction.

Release 1.1.0 (Work in progress)


  • Support of Flex Container resource
  • Support of Smart Device Template (SDT)
  • Support of MQTT protocol binding
  • Fix minor bugs and issues

Fixed bugs

  • Bug 501266 - ACP automatically created when an AE is created dosn't have ty=1
  • Bug 498911 - Error in Access Right verification for PoA notification
  • Bug 498387 - Smart Device Template (SDT) support
  • Bug 498374 - FlexContainer feature support
  • Bug 497579 - Unwanted deletion of AEs having the name of the wanted deleted AE as a prefix
  • Bug 495606 - Error on creating ContentInstance with maxNumberOfInstance in Container

Release 1.0.0 (June 22, 2016)


Implementation of the oneM2M standard. For more information see oneM2M standard.

Main supported features:

  • Nodes: IN-CSE, MN-CSE, ASN-CSE, and ADN.
  • Reference Points: MCA, and MCC.
  • Resource types: CSEBase, RemoteCSE, ACP, AE, Container, ContentInstance, Subscription, Group, Node, Request, PoA, etc.
  • Request primitives: Retrieve, Create, Update, Delete, and Notify.
  • Addressing formats: Structured and Unstructured.
  • Addressing modes: Absolute, SP-relative, and CSE-Relative.
  • Protocol Bindings: HTTP and CoAP.
  • Content Formats: XML and JSON.
  • Communication Modes: Blocking, Non Blocking Syhcnronous, and Non Blocking Asynchrnonous.
  • Multihop: retargeting via PoA.
  • Storage mode: SQL and NoSQL (SQL H2 by default)
  • Security: SSL/TLS

Fixed bugs

  • Bug 494086 - Top level node in JSON representation now with m2m: prefix
  • Bug 494911 - Issues in CoAP binding
  • Bug 494090 - Enable wildcard for AccessControl originators
  • Bug 494087 - hange in some oneM2M Constants
  • Bug 492961 - Missing Access check for Notify requests
  • Bug 491796 - Support JSON content format
  • Bug 491797 - Support of CoAP binding
  • Bug 491791 - Enable resource name attribute in creation request

Release 0.8.0 (April 8, 2015)


The first release of OM2M will include the following features:

  • Implement the SmartM2M standard. For more information see SmartM2M standard
  • Provide a modular architecture running on top of an OSGi layer based on Eclipse Equinox.
  • Integrate Maven and Tycho to automate build process and RCP development.
  • Provide a protocol-independent CORE plugin to handle generic REST request.
  • Enable machine registration, application deployment, container management, resource discovery, access right authorization, subscription / notification, group management, and resource announcement.
  • Provide a HTTP communication binding plugin based on Jetty and Apache HTTP client libraries.
  • Provide a CoAP communication binding plugin based on the Californium library.
  • Provide a simple retargeting mechanism to connect HTTP and CoAP enabled devices.
  • Provide an interworking sample plugin with simulated devices to show how to connect legacy devices.
  • Provide a web interface plugin for browsing and debugging each machine resource structure.
  • Provide a DAO persistence layer based on EclipseLink JPA library to support different SQL and NOSQL database solutions.
  • Replace the DB4O database with the H2 database which provide better performance.
  • Introduce required persistence parameters to the "config.ini" file to simplify the JPA configuration.
  • Replace the XSD resource validation with a native validation mechanism that offers more flexibility.
  • Replace the OASIS OBIX library with a native encoder/decoder based on the JAXB library.
  • Improve the OM2M performance by optimizing the resource structure and database access.

Fixed bugs

  • Bug 463673 - Problem in starting the GUI of the IPU sample plugin in the GSCL
  • Bug 463778 - Replace the native launcher with an independent single script
  • Bug 453467 - Can't access a malformed created application
  • Bug 463941 - OM2M starting blocked on ObixMapper