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OCL/New and Noteworthy/2021-06

Eclipse OCL New and Noteworthy items for the 2021-06 (6.15.0) release.

Release Overview

This minor release fixes a few bugs. Behind the scenes UI-based functionality responds to the platform migration to Java 11 and starts the migration away from the deprecated old to new Xtext infrastructure. The full migration was retracted at the last minute since the prototype of a new declarative serilaizer/formatter was not adequately tested and failed some tests. The editor for the Idioms DSL that configures the new serializer/formatter is provided.

(The work on Bye Bye invalid was still not ready in time for 2020-06; Xtext migration more important.)

Eclipse versions

The prevailing Eclipse OCL release candidate is auto-tested every week on Oxygen, Photon, 2018-09, 2018-12, 2019-03, 2019-06, 2019-09, 2019-12, 2020-03, 2020-06, 2020-09 and 2020-12 platforms using Jenkins on Linux and the prevailing Java/project versions for the release.

2021-06 release should be installable on Mars and Neon platforms provided Xtext 2.9 or greater is also installed.

The 2021-06 sources may only be buildable on 2021-06.

Java versions

Java 8 on Windows was used to develop and test the milestones of this release. Following the Eclipse platform migration to a Java 11 minimum, development now uses Java 11, although standalone tests continue to use Java 8.

Java 12 on Windows was briefly used to maintain and test the 2020-06 release candidates. It appears to work although Java code generation/compilation seems nearly three times slower - see Bug 565563.

Java 11 on Jenkins, Linux was used to build and test the release candidates.

The Classic Ecore/UML plugins have been tested on Mars, Neon, Oxygen and Photon and on a Java 5 Virtual Machine. Standalone execution requires only the org.eclipse.osgi plugin from Eclipse Kepler or a spoof of org.eclipse.osgi.util.NLS and org.eclipse.osgi.framework.

The Pivot plugins require at least a Java 8 Virtual Machine and at least Xtext 2.9.1. Testing on Oxygen has a couple of test failures. Testing on Mars and Neon has a few editor/console startup failures.

Milestone 1


  • 472466 Sequence::append/excluding/including/insertAt/prepend/subsequence now declared as well as implemented as Sequence returning

Milestone 2

Milestone 3



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