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MDT OCL Releng Introduction

This is a very brief cheat sheet on how to make and publish builds for the Eclipse OCL project.

First, there are several types of builds:

N-builds: Nightly builds are internal-purpose builds which reflect the current state of the development stream, that is, using the current GIT master HEAD.
I/M-builds: Integration/Interim builds.
S-builds: Stable/Milstone/Release-Candidate builds.
R-builds: Release builds.

The regular releng process consists of two cascaded builds. They are triiggered Monday to Saturday by GIT changes or manual requests. They are forcibly triggered on Sun days to get early detection of dependency breakages. assembles and tests a build of the master branch and if successful publishing it on the downloads page and the P2 repository (promotion).

Additional manual jobs assembles and tests a build of a specified branch executes a command line on the build server

Additional automatic jobs run every Sunday after the master build runs the Classic Ecore tests on the latest build using Java 5 runs the Classic UML tests on the latest build using Java 5 runs the additional slow Pivot Code Generator test on the latest build
e.g runs the tests on an Eclipse 2019-03 platform using the latest build

How to Run a Build

N-builds are run automatically on Sundays or when a GIT change is detected (GIT is monitored every 6 hours). I, S, R, and M-builds must be manually launched.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in using your Eclipse credentials
  3. Click "Build with Parameters".
  4. Select the build type and if publishing a milestone/release/maintenance build, specify alias for the build. For instance, to create an M2 milestone for MDT/OCL Indigo, you have to select the S-build type and establish "3.1.0M2" as the build alias.
  5. Finally, you must press "Build" to start the build.

How to Publish a Build

Builds are published automatically by the promter job provided the preceding build job was successful.

NB: Mirror servers are synchronized automatically with No manual action is required.

Updating Eclipse OCL in the Eclipse SimRel Release Train

After the publishing process is successfully finished the S/R/M-build has to be included into the Eclipse release train.

To do so, one needs to update the Eclipse OCL contribution to the SimRel project.

In a web browser, if not already set up and assuming xyzzy is your Eclipse committer id

  1. create the fork of eclipse-simrel/

In Eclipse, if not already set up:

  1. Clone

In Eclipse:

  1. Check out the main branch
  2. Pull from origin
  3. Create and checkout a Pull Request branch such as pr-ocl
  4. Edit the / file (GIT history has numerous examples)
  5. Commit the edit
  6. Push the PR branch to xyzzy specifying pr-ocl

(NB OCL and QVTd are tightly coupled so often committed together).

Back in a web browser and provided you have simrel committer rights

  1. Navigate to
  2. Accept the offered pr-ocl PR - click Compare and pull request
  3. click Create pull request
  4. wait while auto-build proceeds
  5. Click rebase and merge (not squash and merge which changes Committer to GitHub)
  6. Click Confirm rebase and merge
  7. Click Delete branch

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