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OCL/Dev/Releng/Features Organization


This documentation wiki page has been created to give an insight about the features organization that Eclipse OCL project establishes.


OCL provides four main coordinating features to allow users to select useful subsets of the overall functionality. The coordinating features include plugins via eight basic features, which may be used by users who require a finer-grained functionality selection:

  • org.eclipse.ocl.all: This feature provides the basic artifacts for OCL end users. Also known as "OCL Runtime", it doesn't contain any source, documentation nor examples.
  • org.eclipse.ocl.core.sdk: This feature add the sources to the OCL Runtime. Also known as "OCL Core SDK", i's the mimimal SDK which allows the usage of OCL and it's the ideal 'ligthweight' feature to be used by other Eclipse Modeling Projects.
  • org.eclipse.ocl.all.sdk: This feature add the edit support, sources and documentation to the OCL Runtime. This feature is known as "OCL End User SDK"
  • org.eclipse.ocl.master: This feature add the edit support, sources, documentation and examples to the OCL Runtime. Also known as “OCL All-In-One SDK”, it is the feature which will be used by the Modeling EPP.

Features details

In this section we especify the different features defined by MDT/OCL. We distinct between “basic” features which package one or more MDT/OCL plugins and “coordinating” features which are composite features which include other features and will allow users to select useful subsets of the overall functionality.

Feature org.eclipse.ocl.all -- OCL Runtime

 * org.eclipse.ocl (feature)
   - (plugin)
   - org.eclipse.ocl (plugin)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.common (plugin)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.ecore (plugin)
 * org.eclipse.ocl.uml (feature)
   - (plugin)
   - org.eclipse.ocl (plugin)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.uml (plugin)

Feature org.eclipse.ocl.core.sdk -- OCL Core SDK

 * org.eclipse.ocl.all (coordinating feature)
 * org.eclipse.ocl.source (feature)
   - (plugin)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.source (plugin)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.ecore.source (plugin)
 * org.eclipse.ocl.uml.source (feature)
   - (plugin)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.source (plugin)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.uml.source (plugin)

Feature org.eclipse.ocl.all.sdk -- OCL End User SDK

 * org.eclipse.ocl.core.sdk (coordinating feature)
 * org.eclipse.ocl.doc (feature)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.doc (plugin)
 * org.eclipse.ocl.doc.source (feature)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.doc.source (plugin)
 * org.eclipse.ocl.edit (feature)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.edit (plugin)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.ecore.edit (plugin)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.uml.edit (plugin) 
 * org.eclipse.ocl.edit.source (feature)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.edit.source (plugin)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.ecore.edit.source (plugin)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.uml.edit.source (plugin)
 * org.eclipse.ocl.ui (feature)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.common.ui (plugin)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.ui (plugin)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.uml.ui (plugin) 
 * org.eclipse.ocl.ui.source (feature)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.common.ui (plugin)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.ui.source (plugin)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.uml.ui.source (plugin)

Feature org.eclipse.ocl.master -- OCL All-In-One SDK

 * org.eclipse.ocl.all.sdk (coordinating feature)
 * org.eclipse.ocl.examples (feature)
   - org.eclipse.ocl.examples.* (all the examples plugins)

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