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Retention Policy

Eclipse OCL doesn't have any special project-specific API retention policy, so it follows the general Eclipse Project guidelines on API deprecation and removal

For ZIP file distributions which are downloadable from the project downloads web page:

  • Formal/Official Release distributions (including service releases) will be available for as long as the corresponding Eclipse platform is available.
  • Milestone and Release Candidate distributions which are stable versions preceding a release. After the M3 milestone, the three most recent distributions will be available.
  • Integration/Interim distributions are used between milestones. When a new milestone distribution appears, integration distributions are removed (the last one is always kept).
  • Nightly distribution are usually generated from nightly builds for internal purposes. There is no guarantee of any retention.

For the P2 repositories, the following policy applies:

N.B: This policy was created on the 24th, December, 2010. Last update: the 20th, June, 2012.

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