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OAW Working Group/Migration Guide oAW 4.3.1 to oAW 5.0

This page will contain a collection of links to blog posts and other online information containing information on how to migrate from oAW 4.3.1 to oAW 5.0

From ekkes-corner:

While migrating oAW 4.3.1 projects to oAW 5.0 ekke blogged about his experiences migrating a large project grown over years using oAW4.

The Migration Guide covers mainly the use of workflow, Xpand, Xtend, Check in the context of UML2, UML2 Profiles and EMF.

1. Overview HowTo migrate from oAW4 to oAW 5

2. Prepare Migration (PLE Featureconfig)

3. Prepare Migration (Beautifier)

4. Prepare Migration (MagicDraw)

5. Install oaw5 (Xpand/Xtend, MWE, Xtext)

6. Convert Xpand/Xtend Projects from oAW4

7. Convert MWE Workflows from oAW4

8. Convert Xpand/Xtend Templates from oAW4

9. Run oAW5 (MWE) Workflows

10. HowTo Communicate (WorkingGroup, Foru, Newsgroups)

11. Summary Migrationstory from oAW4 to oAW5

Helper: rename oAW4 ClassNames and more

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