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Nebula RoundedToolbar

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A simple rounded toolbar with grey buttons.


This is very simple : you instantiate a RoundedToolbar and then you create RoundedToolItems (like the Toolbar widget):

final RoundedToolbar roundedToolBar = new RoundedToolbar(shell, SWT.PUSH);

RoundedToolItem item = new RoundedToolItem(roundedToolBar);
item.setTooltipText("Simple item");

And voilà !

If you want to implement a "radio button behaviour" (when you click on a button this button keeps selected and the other are un-selected) without drawing the radio circle, just add SWT.HIDE_SELECTION to the constructor of RoundedToolbar : new RoundedToolbar(shell, SWT.HIDE_SELECTION).

Actually, the buttons can be PUSH BUTTON (default behaviour, SWT.PUSH), RADIO BUTTONS(SWT.RADIO) or CHECKBOX BUTTONS(SWT.CHECK).

You can customize your buttons: selection image, image when not selected or disabled, font color, size...


An example called is located in the plugin org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.opal.roundedtoolbar.snippets.

This example is also available here :

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