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Nebula Panels

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These panels can be use to put focus on a particular element. The blurredPanel blurs the content of the window, the darkPanel makes the window darker.


The usage is very simple :

  • You create a DarkPanel or a BlurredPanel
  • You can change the radius value of the BlurredPanel or the alpha value of the DarkPanel
  • You open the panel with the method show
  • You close the panel with the method hide

 final BlurredPanel p = new BlurredPanel(shell);


final Button ok = new Button(shell, SWT.PUSH);
ok.addSelectionListener(new SelectionListener() {
     public void widgetSelected(final SelectionEvent e) {
          Dialog.isConfirmed("Confirmation", "Are you sure you want to save this form ?");
     public void widgetDefaultSelected(final SelectionEvent e) {


2 examples called SnippetBlurredPanel and SnippetDarkPanel are located in the plugin org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.opal.panels.snippets.

These examples are also available here :

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