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Committer List

  • If you are a committer to "Nebula Release", you are automatically a committer to "Nebula Incubation".
  • If you do not have a widget in "Nebula Release" you are still entitled to commit rights in "Nebula Release"
  • Cross project stuff (Examples, etc..) will go in "Nebula Release"

Please state your commit desire in the table below.

Committer Nebula Release Nebula Incubation
Andrew Finkbeiner -- --
Ahmed Mahran YES YES
Chris Gross -- --
Donald Dunne YES YES
Dave Orme -- YES (Elias is maintainer; but I'm still around. :) )
Emil Crumhorn YES YES
Elias Volanakis -- YES (assuming CompositableTable stays in incubation)
Eric Wuillai -- --
Felipe Heidrich -- --
Grant Gayed -- --
Ira Fishbein -- --
Jeremy Dowdall -- --
Jeff Phillips -- --
Lukasz Milewski -- --
Matthew Hall YES YES
Mickaël Istria YES YES
Marty Jones YES YES
Peter Centgraf YES YES
Pavel Petrochenko -- --
Nicolas Richeton YES YES
Steve Northover -- --
Veronika Irvine -- --
Thomas Schindl LEAD LEAD
Wim Jongman LEAD LEAD

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