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Release 2.5.0 New and Noteworthy

This is Nebula release 2.5.0. You can find the url on the downloads page.


565730 - SegmentedBar Widget This widget displays a horizontal bar that visualizes the segmentation of a total value. It consists of several segments, each segment representing a value. The sum of all values is the total value of the bar.

Contributor: Laurent CARON



Bug 565587 - Rounded switch button This widget is a checkbox widget that is represented by a switch button.

Contributor: Laurent CARON


Bugs Fixed in this Release


See 2.5.0 project bugs page or the Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in Nebula 2.5.0

Please note that bugzilla will be soon deprecated and will be replaced by GitHub issues. See Bugs Fixed in Nebula 2.5.0


The following people contributed to this release. In alphabetical order:

  • Branden Phillips
  • Christoph Laeubrich
  • Dariusz Michura
  • Dirk Fauth
  • Edward Francis
  • Laurent Caron
  • Matthias Paul Scholz
  • Peter Chang
  • Tim Rigden
  • Wim Jongman

Activity cloud:
Nebula N N 2 5 0 Cloud.PNG

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