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Release 1.4.0 New and Noteworthy


Style bit CDT.ADD_ON_ROLL added The style bit CDT.ADD_ON_ROLL was added to enable addition of dates. Previously or without this style bit, the weekday would/will roll over to the previous week. With the style bit the date will keep increasing.See Bug 519495


Nebula N&N 1.4 - rolldate.gif


Added API method The API method getData(boolean, String) was added to enable users to get the oscilloscope data in a CSV format with a separator other than the semicolon. See Bug 522323


Added API methods The new API method #setUpdateSelectionOnEnter(boolean) allows users to configure whether an Enter key press on a visible drop down will update the combo's selection based on the currently selected table item or if the old selection should be kept. See Bug 522159

The new API method #setUpdateTextWithinSelection(boolean) allows users to configure whether a selection change will automatically update the text of the combo based on the display column index. If this is set to false the combo's text is independent of the actual selection and has to be updated manually. See Bug 522160

XY Graph

Added API methods The new API method Axis#panChecked(Range, double, double) replaces Axis#pan and allows users to check if a call succeeds. Extenders of Axis must override panChecked while pan will be made final in future. See Bug 520141

Bugs Fixed in this Release

See 1.4.0 project bugs page or the Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in Nebula 1.4.0

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