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Mylyn/UI Nits

Use this document for UI items that are very minor or require discussion before being resolved via bug reports.

Bugs with a target milestone of an upcoming release should not be listed on this page.

EclipseCon 2008 BOF Feedback

Task List

  • tooltips should have same colour as standard platform tooltips
  • tooltips not dissapearing when scrolling
  • activate task icon has no feedback and therefor isn't easily discoverable
  • consder making the button/outline glow when mouse over like a regular toolbar button
  • consider presenting an informative tooltip about activation upon hover over button
  • Make use of PONT dialogs for things like failure to activate a task when working or when working on a task that isn't assigned to 'me'
  • find taking up unnecessary space
    • Custom draw on bottom
    • preference to hide it, but on by default

Task Editor

  • deactivation of the editor should should not result in closing of the task editor

Package Explorer

  • User should never see a blank view.
  • Package explorer needs some form of custom drawn indication within the view of what is happening and how to proceed.
  • automate alt-click to reveal
  • Filter methods and not classes in declaration filters


  • remove when task deactivated
  • recreate on activation

Working Sets

  • don't expand all nodes in selection dialog
  • use tri-state check boxes
  • add filter text support
  • consider using the 2 pain UI


  • Popup dialogs while offline are not acceptable
    • For notifications provide ability to silence all
  • Communication errors reported need to be more user friendly. Instead of reporting IO Exceptions or UnknownHostExceptions, simply post a communication problem. Consider hyperlinking the error message giving the user the option to explore the cause, displaying the gory details

Naming to improve

  • Nesting of subtasks in Task List

Visual design to improve

  • When a task is opened but user is offline, change the icon to show an "out of synch" or "disconneced" metaphor in the icon instead of the warning, since nothing is wrong.
  • Provide overlay differentiation between Bugzilla tasks of normal status and local tasks.
  • When the Task List category is drilled into via Go Into, display the name of the drilled into category somewhere bug 213744

Policies requiring refinement

  • Automatic addition of containers to task working sets
  • When to show keys/ids (currently shown in Task List, and in as few other places as possible)
  • When to show empty query nodes in the Task List (currently when there are no matches, to indicate that something could be wrong with the query, e.g. email changed)
  • Silent removal query hits without allowing user to review incoming change
    • Mik says: Eugene, I think you added this one, could you elaborate?
  • Folding policy of comments and sections in the task editor


  • Mark Landmark/Less Interesting, consider removing from navigation menu
  • (Why is the menu entry Less Interesting rather than Remove From Focus as in the context menu?)
  • If single task id entered for repository open tasks directly rather than searching
  • Add to tasklist needs to be available in sesarch results view (consider removing open repository task from Navigate menu)

Preference Pages

  • Local Task Repository needs preference page (via Task Repository Settings page)
  • bug 192582 Restoring defaults not restoring all settings


  • Change task editor incoming/conflict highlight color to be more pronounced.

Task List

  • Sorting set to Summary but tasklist sorted by priority upon startup
  • Sub tasks should no longer be filtered by default
  • Add 'Defer a week' option to Schedule for context menu option
  • Improve layout of Find and bread crumb bar
  • Add Alt+Click tip to Focus on Active Task button tooltip
  • Consider adding Navigate actions (e.g. Open Repository Task) to Task List view menu
  • Due dates not currently not settable from context menu in task list
  • Tooltip: Synched vs. completed is confusing
  • Selecting a task obscures its active/inactive indicator
  • When a category is selected, the selection color shows through 4 pixels of the folder icon
  • Italicizing the active task to indicate synchronization shouldn't un-bold it
  • Active/inactive indicators overlap clipboards after Going Into a category
  • Attempting to rename query with right-click -> Rename has no effect
  • Right-click -> Copy Details on a local task copies "null: " prefix
  • Sort By and Task Presentation menus should have radio buttons, not checkboxes
  • Focus On Workweek Filter
    • Archive category has incoming decoration even if all incomings are shown in the tasklist and therefore not displayed in the archive (might only be for new hits)
    • Archive category filter is not restored to not applied upon unfocusing (the check beside the filter isn't there, but the archive isn't shown either). You have to toggle the archive filter to show the archive cateogry again.
  • Unmatching tasks are dropped from task list queries upon synchronization. This cause loss of information that issue got out of scope (silently moved out into a pile of the archive category), which is critical for queries that are used for project monitoring and not for tasks assigned to the current user (things she is working on) bug 201157


  • Don't show notification for new bug reports submitted by user
  • Don't show notificaiton for new incoming if synched from editor
  • Local task icon in popup should not be bug icon
  • Investigate performance issue since taskdata now loaded upon popup show

Task Editor

  • Last or incoming comment does not have email address tooltip
  • Reveal in tasklist missing from popup
  • Icon in tab of Local Task editor is repository task icon, should be local task icon
  • Assign to needs content assist in New Task Editor
  • Update Attributes option (button) should be available in Task Editor header
  • Render context attachments 'comments' in Bugzilla as links to activate context or thumbnails, not comments.
  • If the Description of a repository task is editable, no border is drawn to indicate this in the editor
  • The Summary text field of a repository task editor is always editable even if the repository task attribute is read only.
  • The summary field of the task editors does not have a label. This could have implications related to accessibility such as screen readers. We should consider adding the Summary: label or investigating other ways to make this field obvious.
  • "Add To Task List" only appears in the context menu on the editor of an opened repository task if you have a category in your tasklist (can't add to root) Uncategorized is now always available.
  • Uncategorized folder in "Add To Task List" context menu not decorated with Jar icon
  • Ampersand in task name misinterpreted as mnemonic in large heading
  • New Task -> Local Tasks -> Finish -> start typing the summary quickly; your typing is overwritten by "New Task"
  • If I close a new local task without saving, delete it.


Shift+Alt+S submit

Planning Editor

  • Category selection should be available within Task Planning editor

Bugzilla Connector

  • Search page too small with clean workspace settings?
  • Proxy settings section expanded when shouldn't be for new Task Repository?


  • editor hyperlink parsing problems and suggestions bug 146964
  • Depending on connector hyperlink detection is slightly different. Should unify so that same patters work among all connectors: bug#123, task#123, task 123, #123
  • Hyperlinks opening synchronously
  • Additional patterns:
    • #XXXX
    • attachment 12345
  • Comment linking bug#164221
  • bla blah JiraWebIssueService$2.execute( still linking preceeding text where only class:line in brackets should be linked
  • Hyperlinks should have the task's summary as the tooltip (Eclipse hyperlink limitation here?)
  • Premature hyperlink termination:
  • Avoid spell checking hyperlinks

Recommended Preferences

  • Automatically disable Platform URL hyperlink detector.
  • Remove default linking from prefs?

Task Repositories View

  • (from bug#124321) Add properties page to Local Tasks repository that explains that it is automatically created and point to the Task List preference page which points the user at the data directory.


There should be no synchronous repository communication. Cases that could still be left:

  • Contact attach/retrieve.
  • Download of repository configuration after new bug created with no previous query.
  • Job name in Progress view is misspelled "Synchronizying queries"

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