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Mylyn/Release Howto

Before the Release

Prepare Source Code

Internationalize Messages

  • Run Source > Find Broken Externalized Strings over all bundles
  • Run Source > Externalize Strings over all bundles

Update User Guide from the Wiki

  • Run as an Ant Build (ensure WikiText is checked out into your workspace)
  • Review the user guide and commit changes

Update Copyright Notices

  • Update the year in the about.ini to the current year
  • Update the year in all feature.xml files to the current year for changed features
  • Update the year in copyright notices of changed source files: Install platform releng tools (available from the update site, Project context menu > Fix Copyrights

Release Review & IP Log

See for details. At least one release each year must have a release review, PMC approval, and IP log submission. These are not required for subsequent releases happening up to 1 year after the review. Note that a release record is always required (except for service releases).

Submit IP Log for Review at least 2 weeks before release

  • Check the downloads area. The tool is deprecated and a replacement is coming.
    • Check that all Orbit bundles are tracked in approved CQs
    • The following missing CQ's are expected due to limitations of the project downloads scanner:
axis-ant.jar (No CQ found)
axis.jar (No CQ found)
epub-ant.jar (No CQ found)
htmltext.jar (No CQ found)
jaxrpc.jar (No CQ found)
junit.jar (No CQ found)

Seek PMC Approval for Release at least 2 weeks before release

Schedule Release Review at least 1 week before release

Note: reviews are supposed to conclude on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, so keep that timing in mind.

  • Once PMC and IP log approval are secured, send links to review document and mailing list discussion showing PMC approval to

Create Release Candidate Build

Update Target

See Mylyn/Build_Infrastructure#Updating_Eclipse_Platform_Dependency_Versions to update versions of Eclipse Platform dependencies.

  • Orbit may provide multiple copies of the same version of a library with different qualifiers. For each dependency consumed from Orbit, make sure we are consuming the latest qualifier of whatever version we are using, by updating the current and staging targets to the latest Orbit version from and updating any qualifiers that have changed (do not update version numbers):
cd ~/releng/bin
./ ../../org.eclipse.mylyn-target/ ~/downloads/tools/orbit/downloads/drops/R20150519210750/repository/

Copy the desired suggestions to the target file.

Create a Branch (Major Release Only)

  • Branch integration repository. Note: replace clone command with "git pull" if repository is already cloned.
git clone ssh:// src-3_6_x
cd src-3_6_x
git checkout -b m_3_6_x
git submodule init
git submodule update
  • Branch each sub-project. Remember to increment the Eclipse version each year.
git submodule foreach git checkout master
git submodule foreach git pull
git submodule foreach git checkout -b m_3_6_x master
  • Copy .gitmodules from previous branch and update the branches to the current branch
git checkout m_3_5_x .gitmodules
  • Push changed .gitmodules file to new m_3_6_x branch
  • Push submodule branches
git submodule foreach git push origin m_3_6_x:m_3_6_x
  • configure mylyn-3.6.x-release job on Hudson
    • set BRANCH parameter m_3_6_x
    • edit the build schedule so it won't build automatically after this point
  • configure mylyn-3.6.x job at to build from m_3_6_x branch


  • If building from a branch, make sure that all needed changes are on the branch and that the o.e.m.all repository is up to date. It doesn't always update automatically.
  • Release builds (Hudson)
    • Check publish
    • Once the build is complete, check the test results from the downstream jobs
  • ensure that build runs and resulting review(s) are merged to update the B3 aggregation file before the SimRel +3 build cutoff (Wednesdays around 5pm EST)

Update Discovery Jar

  • Update siteUrls and statsUrls in org.eclipse.mylyn/org.eclipse.mylyn.discovery-directory/plugin.xml to have the correct version
  • Check that the listings (supported versions) are up to date.
  • Commit the changes
  • Run to build and publish the jar

Test Install

Publish Release Build

Prepare Final Release Build

If you want to include any changes made since the repository was branched:

  • cherry-pick the changes or fast-forward the branches
  • update the submodule commit references on the o.e.m.all repository
  • do another build
  • verify that the build installs.

Tag Sources

  • Tag the release as R_x_y_z (and R_x_y_z_e_3_3 if plug-ins are branched)
git submodule foreach git tag R_3_6_3
git tag R_3_6_3
  • Tag sub-projects with their respective versions as vx.y.z (e.g. v0.8.1):
  • Push tags
git submodule foreach git push --tags
git push --tags

Prepare Download Area

Update Release Repository Content

Note: This is the step that should wait until the official release day. That way the artifacts can be published early so they have time to mirror, but they won't be visible until this step is done.

  • major releases Create composite for the release in the git repository, on the master branch:
cd org.eclipse.mylyn/org.eclipse.mylyn-downloads/releases/
cp -r 3.5 3.6
emacs 3.6/composite.index
  • major releases and SRs for the latest major release Update release composite sites in the git repository, on the master branch:
cd org.eclipse.mylyn/org.eclipse.mylyn-downloads/releases/
rm -rf latest; cp -r 3.6 latest

Update Website

  • Update the version number on download page
  • Create a new section on download archive page
  • major releases Add a link to the new API baseline on the download archive page and update your development environment with the new baseline
  • Create a New & Noteworthy for the release
    • create new/new-3.7.html
    • add section to new/all.php
    • update version in new/index.php
  • Update the Releases section at
  • Update
  • Major Release Create a discovery/directory-XX.xml for the next Mylyn version in the website Git.

Announce Release

Update Marketplace Listings

After the Release

Update Targets

Update the targets if this was not already done above.

Update Versions

  • service release only Add SR branch to mylyn-snapshot-publish "Branches to build"
  • Update local repositories, replacing "master" with the branch, e.g. "e_4_8_m_3_24_x":
cd org.eclipse.mylyn.all
git checkout master
git pull
git submodule foreach git reset --hard
git submodule foreach git checkout master
git submodule foreach git pull
  • major release Update CoreUtil.FRAMEWORK_VERSION
  • major release Edit discovery label and URL in org.eclipse.mylyn-feature/feature.xml
  • Edit versions in org.eclipse.mylyn/org.eclipse.mylyn.releng/bin/ For first Service Release on the branch only, also uncomment updateSnapshotSitesForSR <VERSION>.
    • Update the bug number and version number variables in the script
  • Push reviews to Gerrit (i.e. using EGit with Gerrit config or using "git push origin HEAD:refs/for/<branch>") in dependency order. After each set of reviews is merged, wait for the corresponding nightly builds to publish new snapshots before pushing the next set of reviews (for SRs, need to run the release build (e.g. 3.14.x) to publish snapshots). Push sets of reviews in this order:
  1. org.eclipse.mylyn, org.eclipse.mylyn.all (wait for or trigger mylyn-snapshot-publish before continuing)
  2. commons
  3. tasks, versions
  4. context, reviews
  5. builds
  • major release Update the default value of the BRANCH parameter of with the branches that should get the next Mylyn version, or disable the job if no SimRel will include this version. This will normally be "master" (contribute to the next release of Eclipse), but can have a space-delimited list of other eclipse versions to contribute to. E.g. if the next Mylyn release will happen before the next Eclipse Neon update release, the parameter should be set to "master Neon_maintenance".

Create Download Area

cp -r org.eclipse.mylyn/org.eclipse.mylyn-downloads/releases/luna org.eclipse.mylyn/org.eclipse.mylyn-downloads/releases/mars
  • major release Update composite site indices in the git repository, on the master branch
emacs org.eclipse.mylyn/org.eclipse.mylyn-downloads/snapshots/*/composite.index

Create Build Jobs

  • Create mylyn-3.7.x-release job on the HIPP by cloning the previous release job
    • Configure job to build from master branch, trigger downstream jobs on master branch, and run weekly
    • Configure job to use target for latest Eclipse version by specifying that profile in the goals (e.g. -Pmars)
    • start a build so the composite sites will be populated
  • Create a mylyn-3.7.x job at and configure it to build from the master branch
  • update default target of to next Eclipse release
  • update targets of and to have the last Eclipse major version, the next Eclipse major version, staging, and maintenance (when the maintenance repository exists), e.g. mars neon maintenance staging

Update Snapshot Sites

Update Oomph Setup

  • switch to the new API baseline
  • add new build jobs

Add Bugzilla Versions and Milestones

Update Project Plan

Service Releases

The steps for service releases are as follows. See above for details on each step. If the major release being SRed has not been completed, ensure that the steps "Create a Branch" and "Prepare Download Area" are complete before beginning the SR process.

  1. Mylyn/Release_Howto#Create_Download_Area
  2. Mylyn/Release_Howto#Update_Versions
  3. Cherrypick changes
  4. Mylyn/Release_Howto#Build
  5. Mylyn/Release_Howto#Test_Install
  6. Update SimRel: if SR will be contributed to SimRel, manually run with the drop and branches that should get the SR.
  7. Mylyn/Release_Howto#Tag_Sources
  8. Mylyn/Release_Howto#Prepare_Download_Area
  9. Mylyn/Release_Howto#Update_Release_Repository_Content
  10. Mylyn/Release_Howto#Update_Website
  11. Mylyn/Release_Howto#Announce_Release


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