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Mylyn/Related Research Projects

The following research projects are building on or extending Mylar technology.

Antoine, University of British Columbia

Using the Mylar Monitor to run a study to collect Eclipse WTP usage data. By doing so, we hope to make improvements to the organization of commands in the user interface that can be applied to both the Eclipse platform as well as Eclipse-based projects.

Bug Triage, University of British Columbia

Using Mylar's Bugzilla Connector API. Popular open source projects receive lots of bug reports. Since more bugs are reported than can be easily handled, each bug must be triaged to determine if it describes a meaningful new problem or enhancement, and if it does, it must be assigned to an appropriate developer for further handling. We are investigating approaches to help automate two parts of the bug triage process: Bug Report Assignment and Duplicate Detection.

Chisel Group, University of Victoria

Using Mylar's Context Model for creating adaptive visualizations in Protégé.

Focused Learning Environment, University of British Columbia

Using Mylar's Context Model for providing a simplified focused UI and step-directed feedback to help users learn.

Task Context, University of British Columbia

Mik Kersten's PhD Thesis, supervised by Gail Murphy, provides the research and validation behind Mylar's context model and task focused UI tools.

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