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Mylyn/Promotion of Products Built on Mylyn

There is space available on the Mylyn project web page to promote relevant, high quality, supported Mylyn integrations. The goal is to increase awareness within the Eclipse community of products built on Mylyn that are relevant to the community, and also to recognize organizations that contribute to Mylyn.

Any organization that makes a product that builds on Mylyn can request that the product be promoted with an image and text on the project web page, provided the following criteria are met:

  • The organization must have made substantial contributions to the Mylyn project.
  • At least one member of the organization must be an active Mylyn contributor or committer.
  • The product must be built on Mylyn. That is, it must contain additional functionality beyond what exists in Mylyn that is built using Mylyn APIs.
  • The product must be supported by the organization. That is, there must be a channel through which users of the product can request and receive support.
  • The promotion may highlight the organization's contributions to Mylyn but must not imply that the organization has ownership of the Mylyn project.

A request to be included on the project page should be made by opening a bug with a summary like "add <Product Name> to the Mylyn project page." The bug should provide evidence that the above criteria are met.

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