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Tuesday, December 19, 10-11am PT

Planning meetings are open to all. When adding an item to the agenda please include your name.

  • 1.0.1 priorities (Mik)
  • Slap Eugene for discrediting Mylar in blogs and Mik for not blogging
  • Layout of search/query page

Tuesday, December 12, 10-10:30am PT

  • Mylar 1.0 celebration and retrospective.
  • Brock Janiczak's JIRA core services contribution (Eugene, Mik?).
  • Discovery update sites (Eugene, Mik).
  • Version numbers (Mik).

Tuesday, December 5, 10-10:30am PT

  • Remaining priorities for 1.0 (Mik)
  • API status (Mik)
    • Externalizers ITaskListExternalize
    • Listeners API, primarily ITaskListChangeListener
    • Adapting to ITask and broken selection of the task respositories
  • Proxy settings status (Rob)
  • Subclipse integration and Team API (Eugene)

Tuesday, November 21, 10-11am PT

Planning meetings are open to all. When adding an item to the agenda please include your name.

  • Remaining 1.0RC1 items (Mik)
    • Issues with tack context (multiple folders, unfiltering issues, etc)
    • Issues with new local task UI (focus, inline vs. editor)
    • Moving task drop down and pause button out of Task List UI?
  • Bugzilla and repository infrastructure status (Rob)
  • Trac status (Steffen)
  • Web connector status (Mik)
  • JIRA connnector status (Mik & Eugene)


  • Mik emails newsgroup/mylar-dev about task list toolbar changes
  • Mik fixes classpath of context.core xmlrpc-use
  • Visible editor always unfiltered
  • Eugene files bug on editor color problem
  • Steffen files bug People section with JIRA

Tuesday, November 14, 10-11am PT


  • Mylar 1.0 priorities.
  • Pause button UI (Mik?)


  • Need people section for Trac
  • Discuss removing commit context button on newsgroup
  • Allow proxy settings to be specified per-repository

Tuesday, October 31, 10-11am PT

Planning meetings are open to all. When adding an item to the agenda please include your name.

  • Web repository connector UI , bug 158069 (Eugene)
  • Authentication infrastructure and connectors (Rob)
  • Offline support for JIRA (Mik)
  • Pause button UI (Mik)

Tuesday, October 24, 10-11am PT

Planning meetings are open to all. When adding an item to the agenda please include your name.



  • Investigate Lucene as store for offline task data (Rob)
  • Investigate showing working sets as top-level nodes in Task List (Mik)

Tuesday, October 17, 10-11am PT


  • 0.8 release planning
  • Web repository connector UI , bug 158069 (Eugene)
  • Rich editor for Trac (Steffen?)
  • Repository task data (Rob)
    • Offline persistence: object serialization (current), xml, database bug 160389
    • Lazy loading bug 157257
  • Issues with Task monitoring and filtering for projects with more then one source folder
  • Jira integration planning
  • User guide and improving the docs


  • Need "Add to Task List" action on query hits
  • Consider merging the above action with dialog for "Add Existing Task..."
  • Need to consider pre-fetching task data for query hits

Tuesday, September 26 2006, 10-11am PT

  • 0.7 release planning
  • Project and repository association (Rob)
  • 1.0 planning (Mik)

Wednesday, August 23 2006, 10-11am PT

  • Planning for 0.6.2
  • Generic web Repository Connector integration (Eugene)
  • Trac Connector rich editor (Steffen)
  • AbstractRepositoryConnector split into core and UI
  • Planning for 0.7 and 1.0
  • Zest website integration and release cycles

Wednesday, August 2 2006, 10-11am PT


  • 0.6.1 post-mortem
  • 0.6.2 and 1.0 planning
  • Summer of Code status
    • Trac Connector (Steffen)
    • Bugzilla enhancements (Jeff)
    • JIRA
  • Design discussion on splitting AbstractRepositoryConnector into core/ui
  • Sandbox release for web connector (Eugene)


  • Rob: 3rd - 8th
  • Mik: 8th - 17th


  • Consumers of APIs update Javadocs as they use them, a la wiki
  • Decide on conference call time and interval next meeting
  • Investigate Rome dependency for Sandbox (Mik)

Thursday, July 6 2006, 10am PT

  • wrap up discussion of 0.6 release
  • Trac integration status (Steffen)
  • enhancing Bugzilla connector status (Jeff)
  • Connector naming conventions
  • tasks API discussion. String-based task id, separate task id, url and repository url, (issues 146396, 149624, 149509), other refactoring of tasks, hits, query and repository classes
  • UI for repository settings
  • prioritizing for 0.7 and beyond
  • planning and use of Bugzilla priorities

Tuesday, June 13 2006, 10am PT

  • Schedule a regular meeting time and interval
  • Google SoC: Trac integration (Steffen)
  • Google Soc: enhancing Bugzilla connector (Jeff)
  • Repository connector API discussion (Mik)
  • Prioritize tasks for 0.6 (Mik)

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