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Mylyn/Hudson Connector/ProjectProposalDraft


Continuous integration systems provide vital feedback about the health of a project. When a build or test fails it is important that developers get a timely notification and can quickly navigate to the source of the failure. The Hudson Connector for Eclipse, which is based on the Mylyn Builds framework, provides a Builds view to monitor status, notifications for failed build and makes build results accessible from the IDE. That enables developers navigate from test failure stack traces to source with a single click, re-run tests instantly or create tasks to track failures.

Hudson is a widely used open-source continuous integration server which is also used by a large portion of Eclipse projets. The Hudson Connector for Eclipse will serve as a reference implementation for the framework provided by the Mylyn Builds project.


The aim is to provide the following tooling functionality from the Eclipse IDE:

  • Monitoring build status
  • Viewing build details
  • Running/stopping a build
  • JUnit integration
    • Viewing test results
    • Re-running of tests locally
  • Viewing of build logs
  • Creation of tasks from build results
  • SCM integration
  • Execute operations when a build has stopped
    • The various operation types will be contributed through extension points
    • One or more operations can be configured per job

Management and creation of build jobs and configuration of Hudson servers is out of scope of the project.

Initial Contribution

The initial contribution implements part of the feature set described under scope was developed by Markus Knittig and Steffen Pingel under the Mylyn project.


The project is setup as a sub-sub project under the Mylyn Builds project.

Initial Committers

  • Steffen Pingel (Tasktop Technologies)
  • Torkild Ulvøy Resheim (Itema)
  • Eike Stepper
  • Benjamin Muskalla (EclipseSource)

Interested Parties

  • Markus Knittig
  • Markus Alexander Kuppe
  • Chris Aniszczyk (Red Hat)
  • Tomasz Zarna
  • Manuel Doninger
  • Karsten Voigt


  • Mik Kersten
  • Kenn Hussey

Developer Community

We expect to extend the initial set of committers by actively supporting a developer community. We will encourage interested parties to take an active role in the project and strive to make the planning and process transparent.

User Community

The initial target audience will be committers since Hudson is the continuous integration system deployed on Once a first stable release is a available, we expect that the user base will expand quickly beyond Eclipse due to the popularity of Hudson.

Tentative Plan

  • 2010-11 v0.1 First release, based on initial contribution
  • 2011-03 v0.2 Second release, consumes community feedback
  • 2011-06 v1.0 Indigo release

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