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Mylyn/Contribution Ideas

This listing is intended for prospective contributors, Google Summer of Code students, and others interesting in becoming part of the Mylyn contributor community. For an up-to-date listing of bugs that have been marked for contribution see:



  • workflow bugs: Provide lightweight workflow actions (e.g. trigger a commit when a bug is closed). This involves adding workflow support to the Tasks framework and implementing task editor actions for for workflow.
  • bug 111700: Add interest-based folding to WTP's XML editor.
  • bug 161877: Improve duplicate detection mechanism and heuristics.
  • Improve the new user's experience. This could involve creating a welcome page, cheat sheets, and streamlining the process of going from installing Mylyn to having a task repository.
  • bug 134165: provide find functionality for task editor



  • bug 170894: create an example connector project to be used by integrators as a template. This connector should be simple, for example, it could provide integration with a local comma-delimited value (CSV) and/or Maven tasks plug-in format as the task repository.
  • bug 170395: create PDE wizards for automatically generating task repository connectors. These would be similar to the current PDE wizards for creating plug-in projects and may also use cheat sheets to guide developer through the whole process.

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