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Muse integration design

Corona will use the Apache MUSE project to provide web services-based manageability for server-side functionality. The Muse project provides an OSGi-hosted implementation of the OASIS WSDM specification, which in turn is based on the OASIS WSRF and WSN specifications.

WSRF: Properties, Life Cycle and ServiceGroups. WSRF provides support for stateful web services semantics, by associating identity and properties with a web services endpoint. In addition, WSRF support an optional lifecycle for remote resources, in the form of schedule resource destruction. Finally, WSRF supports a simple directory capability in the form of Service Groups, which can be used to aggregate related endpoints.

These WSRF capabilities may be composited with additional endpoint properties and operations at the WSDL level.

WSDM-MUWS - Identity, Relationships, Metrics and Events

MUWS adds additional capabilities onto WSRF. Events and Relationships are of primary interest for Corona, although MUWS Identity's role as a unique identifier maps cleanly onto Corona resource identities.

ServiceGroup as Registry

Role of Notification

Manageability Composition.

Manageability Mix-In.

OSGi manageable artifacts - 1. Bundles 2. Services

Corona manageable artifacts -

1. Member lists 2. Containers 3. Notification configurations

Customization - role of SCA

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