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More Details on EMFStore Demo in Vienna 2010

About Demo:

In the demo we will create an Ecore model and generate code from it. We will then store instances of this ecore on the EMFStore and show how to share the model instances among multiple clients. Finally we will write a small custom client that will communicate with the repository.

Prerequisites for the Demo:

Download the "Eclipse Modeling Tools" Edition of Eclipse from Install EMFStore from its update site. Instructions are available here.

About EMFStore:

EMFStore is a repository for EMF-based models. It started as part of a product (UNICASE client) but we have developed a framework from the initial code contribution. In contrast to existing solutions it supports an offline mode and is geared towards collaborative editing of the stored models. Therefore support for conflict detection and for merging models is built into the repository including versioning. EMFStore also ships with a set of client plugins containing a facade API for the server and more importantly views for commiting changes to, updating changes from the repository as well as merging models in a local workspace. In contrast to existing solutions the merging process is fully guided by a wizard and only shows conflicting changes to the model. In addition EMFStore provides access control on the repository and persistency for the models and their meta data on client and server side. EMFStore also supports changing the Ecore model of the stored EMF model instances by generating model migrators. This is a useful feature if your application evolves and requires changing your data model for example.

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