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More Details on ECP Demo in Vienna 2010

About Demo:

In the demo show how to the EMF Client platform allows to browse and modify an instance of a EMF model. We will show how to adapt the refelctive editor for one EObject and how to replace this editor by a fully customized solution. We create a custom validation rule as well as a custom drop adapter.

Prerequisites for the Demo:

Download the "Eclipse Modeling Tools" Edition of Eclipse from Install EMF Client platform from its update site. Instructions are available at [1].

The EMF Client Platform (ECP) is a framework to ease the development of data-centric applications based on EMF. To build an application based on the framework it is sufficient to generate code from an Ecore model following the default EMF model driven development lifecycle. The framework supplies a form-based reflective editor and a model navigator to browse, create and manipulate instances of the generated model. Furthermore the framework provides a EMF specific validation view and EMF-centric Drop Adapters.

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