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Monday May 29, 2006

Date: Mon, May 29, 2006

Attendees: Mustafa Isik, Scott Lewis, Ward Cunningham

Topic: Mustafa's Google Summer of Code Project and ECF

Mustafa's project is going to focus on a SubEthaEdit-like shared text editor capability for Eclipse, using ECF to provide the underlying communications.

Use of XMPP Provider

XMPP *may* be used as provider for this project, but there are some possible issues with it...e.g. Google Talk's implementation of XMPP currently doesn't support multi-user chat XMPP extension. It only supports IM (currently). This would limit shared editing to 2 participants only. It's not a requirement for Mustafa (or for ECF) that XMPP be used, although Google would obviously want that.

Shared Editing For Eclipse and Eclipse RCP Apps

Project will initially focus on creating plugins to support a shared text editor for Eclipse. Will then look to generalize plugins created to run in Eclipse RCP app context.

Research Resources

Mustafa will provide and make available pointers to relevant research and protocol descriptions about distributed state synchronization for real-time shared editing.


Mustafa will discuss with colleagues the use of SubEthaEdit protocol with open source implementation under EPL.

Project Development Resources

Here's the bug filed about supporting the Google SOC projects with Eclipse Foundation resources:

ECF will also provide login/access to CVS server.

ECF Developer Resources

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