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Modeling Project Releng/Component Creation

This is a process workflow for creating a new EMFT (or other Modeling project) component.

In this example, the new EMFT component is EMF JCR Management, or org.eclipse.emf.jcrm. See also bugs 182379 and 182380.


Names in square brackets are assignees. If more than one assignee is listed, the first listed is the principal w/ other(s) as backup.

  • WM = Webmaster(s)
  • PMC = Project Management Chair
  • REL = Release Engineer
  • COMP = Component Owner



(The proposal submission process is subject to change. If you see anything glaringly wrong here, please correct it.)
  • [COMP] contact PMC via meeting or mailing list to pitch component idea. Should have a first draft of the proposal doc (.doc, .ppt, .pdf, or ideally, in wiki format) and maybe some sample code at this point
  • [COMP] with PMC approval, post announcement to relevant newsgroup(s) to gather community/peer feedback.
  • Wait two weeks
  • [COMP] post announcement to project's developer mailing list to gather approval votes from existing project committers.
  • Wait one week
  • [COMP] post announcement to PMC mailing list after successful conclusion of committer vote.
  • [COMP] formalize proposal document in wiki; link from Proposed Components page.
  • [COMP] send note to EMO for planetwide announcement, including short paragraph describing component and link to proposal doc in wiki.

Committer Legal Setup

Commiter Account Setup

  • [WM] create userid for COMP; user requires a full shell, not a restricted one
  • [WM] add COMP to groups emf-jcrm, emf-jcrm-releng
  • [WM] add COMP to groups emftadmin (download.eclipse) & modeling-home (www.eclipse)
  • [WM] add REL to group emf-jcrm-releng

Component Setup

Bugzilla Setup

  • [COMP] register with Bugzilla to create an account
  • [REL] add new component, with COMP as default assignee

CVS Setup

  • [WM] change group id on /cvsroot/modeling/org.eclipse.emf/org.eclipse.emf.jcrm/ to emf-jcrm
  • [WM] change group id on /cvsroot/modeling/org.eclipse.emf/org.eclipse.emf.jcrm.releng/ to emf-jcrm-releng

Code Contribution

  • [COMP] Existing code written by the new committers must be submitted to IPzilla for legal clearance before being committed to CVS. Zip all the sources and attach it to the IPZilla. Ensure that proper EPL copyright notices are in place. Document the names of all the people who have contributed to the code. All contributors must agree to the terms of the EPL license for the contribution. Please add the project lead (one of the PMC members) to the IPzilla bug's CC: list so that they can approve it.
  • [COMP] Third party code must also be submitted to IPzilla for legal clearance before being committed to CVS. Note also that many 3rd party libraries are available via the Orbit project, and so can be freely used in your development workspace and added to the project at build time (rather than needing to be duplicated in CVS). The use of libraries already in Orbit nevertheless requires approval. Each third party library should be filed as a separate IPzilla. Please add the project lead (one of the PMC members) to the CC list for approval.
  • [COMP] Once cleared by PMC and Eclipse Legal, commit code into /cvsroot/modeling/org.eclipse.emf/org.eclipse.emf.<your-component>/ (details here). Recommend setting plugins to version 0.7.0 to give you a few years before you have to hit the ominous 1.0.0 release.

Release Engineering

  • [COMP] contact REL via IM (eg., User:nickb) to begin releng coordination
  • [COMP] provide component compilation requirements to REL: upstream dependencies (eg., EMF, UML2, OCL...), 3rd party libraries (from Orbit or other), JDK version (1.4 or 5.0), plugin version (eg., usually 0.7.0 to start). See also Build UI
  • [COMP] set up SSH keys for connecting passwordlessly from to and
  • [COMP] publish first build to
  • [COMP] update website to reflect project has first successful build. See Site Navigation

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