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Modeling PMC Meeting, 2009-11-17

Time: 10:00AM Eastern

Conference number: North America 1 866-842-3549, Global +800-4444-7070, Ottawa 613-787-5018, Passcode: 1556241

  • International Toll-free number notes
    • Dialing from a cellular network may not work!
    • Passcode is often not recognized. After the third failure, you will be transferred to an operator who will ask for the conference ID (1556241), sponsoring company (IBM) and meeting organizer (Paul Elder).
    • Pressing *0 will bring you directly to an operator.

Expected Attendees

  • Ed Merks
  • Sven Efftinge
  • Paul Elder
  • Cedric Brun
  • Kenn Hussey - absent
  • Frédéric Jouault
  • Anthony Hunter -absent
  • Artem Tikhomirov -absent


  • Sphinx verse Papyrus
    • Waiting to see public proposal and will review it with the PMC
  • Incubating projects in Helios
    • Planning council will change wording to indicate the project maturity in terms of providing timely quality builds will be the key, rather than incubation status.

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