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Modeling PMC Meeting, 2008-06-17

Time: 10:00AM Eastern

Conference number: North America 1-866-245-5059, Global 800-4444-1010, Toronto 416-343-2607 Passcode: 1972050


Richard Gronback, Ed Merks, Sven Efftinge, Paul Elder


  • Streamlining Target Milestone lists after each release
    • Decided OK to do on per-project basis, although it presents a challenge for projects with discrete components that are at varied version numbers
  • GMT cleanup
    • Deadline from Foundation is before next PMC call, so resolution to be discussed then (Jean and Frederic could not make this week's call).
  • MDDi status
    • We agreed to send an archival notice to mailing list, as it appears there is no life left to this project
  • Release issues, planning plans
    • None noted
  • End game for next release... allow trivial items, in addition to high severity/priority?
    • Agreed we can change wording to allow trivial items in early RC phases along with PMC approval
  • Modeling package N&N pages: per project, or unified for all of Modeling?
    • This release, send Rich your links to N&N pages. Next release, we'll try to create a common modeling N&N.

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