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Modeling PMC Meeting, 2008-05-20

Time: 10:00AM Eastern

Conference number: North America 1-866-245-5059, Global 800-4444-1010, Toronto 416-343-2607 Passcode: 1972050


  • Ganymede Release Review slide review
    • It seems we agreed to send in project slides to EMO as required, along with About files, IP log, and contributor's list (contact info). Mini-decks will also be sent in to allow for consolidation by EMO for the purpose of the call. Each Modeling project will send their slides to the PMC list so that we can all be informed about the state of each project.
    • Kenn asked if we wanted to create a list of things we should do within Modeling above those which are called out by the official process. We came up with the following items:
      • Specify bug severity limits for release (e.g. no blockers, ideally no critical, etc.)
      • Start using API tooling and include as part of review slide data
      • Sign up for Babel
    • Continuation reviews need to be done for EDOM, Xpand, MWE, others?
    • Graduation Reviews to occur simultaneously with Ganymede for Teneo and QVTO. Paul indicated he'd call for a Graduation Review for JET2 after Ganymede, so as to not impact clients with version number change.
    • Rich to follow up with Radek on QVTO slides, and with Tanya on UML2 Tools slides for MDT

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