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Modeling PMC Meeting, 2007-03-20

Time: 10:00 am Eastern (U.S.)

Toll Free Dial In Number: (888) 476-6128

Int'l Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number: (517) 267-1462



  • Ed Merks
  • Bjorn Freeman-Benson
  • Richard Gronback
  • Kenn Hussey
  • Jean Bezivin
  • Frederic Jouault


  • EMFT as incubator (follow-up with Bjorn)
    • Bjorn agreed that it's good to keep EMFT for incubators, and that it should move to Modeling (no rush)
  • EclipseCon follow-up
    • All agreed the conference went well (good luck to Doug Gaff for next year).
  • Modeling icon for about dialog options
    • Top left icon from Gen seems to be favorite, though Nick will follow up on making background transparent to match new Eclipse icon from platform


[Rich] to start non-API policy wiki (carry over)

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