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Modeling PMC Meeting, 2007-02-20

Time: 10:00 am Eastern (U.S.)

Toll Free Dial In Number: (888) 476-6128

Int'l Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number: (517) 267-1462




  • EclipseCon 2007
All tracks selections made and scheduled.
  • Planning Council Meeting items:
    • We need to create a project ramp down policy (see Platform's)
Created Modeling Project Ramp Down Policy for review (copy of WTP's)
  • Jar signing for Europa - all projects need to do this
Only Nick is exploring so far, it seems.
  • EMF statement of support for Java 1.4 vs. Java 5
See EMF 2.3 JVM Requirements.
  • Modeling project policy on use of non-API (inappropriately known as 'internal API')
[Rich] to start content.
  • Europa downloads: Tooling vs. SDK (Tooling used in favor of 'runtime')
The inclusion of "end user" or "extender" and whether or not examples are included is being tracked on the Europa Simultaneous Release page, and bug 173276.
  • GMT components: plans for becoming full Eclipse? (e.g. oAW)
Jean is aware of the issues and is making progress towards correcting. It may take some time, given the nature of GMT components.
  • Review and discuss Sandro Böhme's JCR Proposal. Comments by Sandro: As I said, the vision is to offer Eclipse functionality to the JCR community with a model driven approach. Here is a more up to date list of projects I'm currently checking in the order of priority (most important first):
    • EMF integration as a basis for rich client editors for nodes.
    • Integration of a model to model transformation tool (e.g. ATL) for nodes and node types.
    • AMW for weaving node type models to EMF (ecore) models.
    • GMF integration for nodes and node types. It could be used for a node type modeller tool and a DSL that is based on nodes.
    • EMF for object persistence into nodes.
    • In case there is a diff-tool for models it would be useful for nodes and node types.
    • AM3 for a node type repository
    • Integration of a model to text transformation tool (e.g. XPand or Jet) for nodes and node types.
It was generally agreed that this could make a nice addition to Modeling, although the exact home is uncertain and is expected to be resolved during the proposal phase.
  • EMFT remains as an incubator?
Agreed, along with some discussion to clarify the intent and nature of parallel IP process benefits to be gained and how this may be different for non-incubation projects that may still contain incubating components. There are still a lot of questions regarding components, but it is thought these are intentionally ambiguous to allow for flexibility.
  • Incubator markers on existing projects
Nick has begun this for MDT & EMFT, even at the component level. M2M and M2T (when provisioned) will need to add "Gazoo". FYI, I opened bug 175200 asking for new logo/icons.


[Rich] to start non-API policy wiki.

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