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Modeling PMC Meeting, 2006-11-21


(from Ed)

  1. I'm hoping we'll hear from David Sciamma (since Pierre can't attend) about their proposal to work on an Ecore graphical editor at Eclipse, eventually working towards a UML graphical editor that represents and exemplary use of the GMF runtime.
  1. Nick will give us status on the build and web infrastructure changes that are underway.

If there are other things you'd like on the agenda, feel free to add them.

David Sciamma

Slides can be found here

The Topcased Project

  • Description :
 The Topcased Project aims to build a Critical System Development Tookit in open source. 
 This toolkit must be :
    - built to last because of the lifetime of the targets (Spacecraft : 15 years, Avionics : 40 years...)
    - compliant with qualification constraints
 To build the toolkit, the TOPCASED project integrates existing tools, develops missing tools and the 
 complete toolkit (integrated or developed tools) will be maintained during the project life
  • TOPCASED is model centric. Languages used in the toolkit :
    • Ecore
    • UML
    • SysML
    • AADL
    • SART
    • ... to be continued
  • So we are using a metamodeling / MDA approach
  • Main features targeted by TOPCASED :
    • Modeling tools (Ecore editor, UML editor...)
    • Model verification/simulation tools
    • Code, Documentation, Tests generation
    • Language-specific IDE (C, VHDL, Ada, SystemC...)
    • Transversal tools
      • Requirements management
      • Version control
      • Change management
  • Complete Roadmap

Collaborations between Topcased and the Modeling Project

  • Current dependencies on Modeling projects :

Modeling PMC Meeting 2006-11-21 TopcasedEMPDependencies.jpg

  • Differences with MDT
    • Topcased aims to build industrial strength tools and MDT aims to build examplary tools :
      • Is it the same ?
      • What are the differences ?
      • Topcased cannot use or contribute to examplary tools, we are targeting the industrial world.
    • What is an examplary tool ? The JDT ?
    • What is an industrial strength tool ? The JDT ?
      • Tests, lifetime, documentation...

Possible contributions

Ecore graphical editor

  • Generic features and Specific features
  • Problems :
    • not based on GMF
    • The GMF port cannot be done before a few monthes
  • Solution A :
    • The current Ecore editor is contributed « as is »
    • The migration to GMF will be done after the contribution
    • Interests
      • Quick contribution
      • Already validated tool
    • Problems
      • GMF incompatibility
    • Target : Europa release train (limited features) and Eclipse 3.4 release train (full features)
  • Solution B :
    • A new Ecore editor is developed using GMF and reusing some existing components from Topcased
    • Interests
      • Full compatibility with GMF
    • Problems
      • The development starts from scratch
      • New tool, not yet validated
    • Target : Eclipse 3.4 release train

UML graphical editor

  • Generic features and Specific features
  • Problems :
    • not based on GMF
    • The GMF port cannot be done before the Europa release
  • Possible contribution
    • Powerful TabbedProperties View

Nick Boldt


  • working to migrate UML2 build into EMFT, to create the first of the MDT builds; could also start w/ OCL or EODM
  • XSD will continue to be built as part of EMF for probably another few months as splitting tests and examples will require assistance from the rest of the EMF team and they don't have the cycles
  • CVS sandbox coming soon, possibly on itself, but not useful until I have a place to run test builds (also waiting on SLES10)
  • plan to migrate MDT builders to once SLES migration is completed
  • SLES10 migration has caused release notes generator (old php script) to no longer work when promoting; hope to not have to fix it as Neil's tool obsoletes it; temporary workaround is to generate XML from bugzilla RDF query and manually enter it into release notes files
  • migration to will require a lot of new web UI. Details here: Modeling Project Builds


  • MDT completed, including FAQs, Wikis, docs, generated release notes (ported from old formats)
  • dynamic release notes coming soon, but will not be public until after SLES10 migration (could run on if necessary)
  • EMF is slated next once Neil's done w/ release notes database


  • 2+ weeks of DNS/CVS/SSH problems (, delaying build/promo script testing (eg., renaming emft-*.zip to mdt-*.zip)
  • SLES 10 migration prevents doing anything on Current PHP and mySQL versions are not compatible w/ Neil's new tools and supporting multiple versions is just extra unnecessary work

Other priorities

  • RSS: EMFT/MDT projects to start publishing feeds (will be used by release notes tool)
  • pack200
  • UM site digest/optimization
  • JAR signing
  • source builds
  • releng.basebuilder M3_33
  • EMF 2.3 Doc: extension points reference
  • remove downloads page dependency on build.options.txt

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