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Modeling PMC Meeting, 2006-08-15


In advance of next week’s call, can you all please take a look at these drafts of a Modeling plan and workflow conventions document?:

Modeling Project Plan

Modeling Project Workflow

These are the result of a thread I started with Ed and finished up with Nick, who helped on the latter. The idea of the first is to provide a set of agreed upon process items to aid in generating our project plans, etc. It’s just a start, and contains some comments/questions already.

The second is a draft proposal for a Modeling Project Plan which is intended to provide a roll-up of individual project plans, along with some high-level themes for Modeling during the Europa release cycle. I added some basic themes we can work on improving/removing/augmenting.

One option is to inherit from this plan in our individual project plans, similar to what we do with our charter and the standard top-level project charter. It seems we all copy/paste from the same place anyway, so why not extract and reference? I figure I can cut our GMF plan (GMF Project Plan) in half by referencing this one for all the “standard” content.

Other topics to consider on the call:

  • Modeling Symposium at Eclipse Summit Europe (Jean can tell us about this :)
  • Status update for MDT, M2M, M2T proposals
  • Migration to /modeling status update & issues
  • Update on CVS/build migration and common infrastructure (Nick and/or Max?)

Please reply with additional items to discuss, if you have them.



  • Jean Bezivin
  • Richard Gronback
  • Ed Merks
  • Fred Plante
  • Kenn Hussey
  • Stephen Henderson


  • Sebastien Demathieu (holiday)
  • The draft top-level plan was discussed, with all in general agreement:
    • Kenn suggested more themes (e.g. Usability, adopting Phoenix) to be adopted by all Modeling projects. **This was agreeable to all, though update of the wiki with proposed themes is required [Kenn?]
    • The concept of using top-level as holder of common content (e.g. Release Compatibility) was generally accepted.
    • Although +2 week goal is stated in plan, internal goal for Modeling projects is to achieve continuous integration with notification for downstream builders. With that, a more formalized milestone promotion process should be considered for Europa release.
  • The Workflow Conventions draft was also generally agreed to, with the following issues:
    • plan keyword should be mandatory, [Plan Item] prefix is optional. [Rich] to update wiki (done).
    • [releng] prefix should be dropped in favor of a releng component.
    • [Duplicate] prefix needs to be looked at by Nick (along with others) for alternative name (e.g. Clone). Also, when Nick is comfortable with changes to scripts, we can remove prefixes from wiki that are no longer in use.
  • Jean noted ATL missing from Modeling page. [Rich] to fix (done).
  • M2M proposal still in review, with Peter (Compuware) expecting to move forward following their current release cycle (next few weeks).
  • M2T proposal in the works, with Markus & Paul working together.

The draft proposal Kenn sent out for MDT was approved by a majority of the PMC (only Sebastien was absent in vote). [Kenn] will forward to EMO for processing (done).

  • Ed raised the issue of possibly utilizing Java 1.4 bytecode from Java 5 sources for this coming release. More investigation required.
  • Work continues on ‘initial contribution’ logo [Rich & Ed], which will be used to kickoff logo contest (in the hope that a professional graphic artist will contribute something better ;)

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