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Modeling Ganymede M7 Review

This wiki page contains the result of the Ganymede M7 Modeling Package review.

Platform: Mac OS X


  • 257 MB (+104MB due to addition of SDKs) download extracts to 326MB (+143MB) on disk
  • Not all sources are packaged in the new method


  • Standard Eclipse splash and welcome page (should be updated with Modeling project artwork?)
  • Initial perspective is Java (should be an AmalgamModelingPerspective?)
  • CDO Weaver Notification pops up... apparently, enabled by default (best option?) 235415
  • Many source features report invalid discovery sites 228114 Fixed post-M7
  • M2M QVT OML missing branding elements 231908
  • About dialog: all are using proper modeling image, though some issues:
    • GMF and UML2 Tools (documentation only) features missing buildId token replacement (shows @buildId@) 231420 Fixed post-M7
    • UML2 Tools diagram plug-in naming scheme is inconsistent (Activity, Deployment, and Use Case should be prefixed with 'UML2' as are the rest)

User Interface Contributions

  • Menus
    • See M6 notes
  • New Dialog
    • See M6 notes
  • Show View dialog
    • See M6 notes

UML Modeling

  • See M6 notes

Additional Components

Returning to the ganymede update site to install the remaining components in the Models and Model Development category, the following additional observations were made.


  • In Review Licenses, most projects use the March 17, 2005 version of the license file, with the following exceptions:
    • Teneo, Net4J, and CDO use the January 28, 2004 version
    • EMF Compare and ATL use a non-standard file
  • Error on install using p2 231172:
An error occurred while collecting items to be installed
  Problems downloading artifact: osgi.bundle,org.eclipse.jet,0.9.0.v20080504.
    File has invalid content: /tmp/signatureFile25579.jar
      Invalid content: org/eclipse/jet/internal/xpath/functions/extras/SortFunction$XPathComparator.class
      The file "org/eclipse/jet/internal/xpath/functions/extras/SortFunction$XPathComparator.class" in the jar "/tmp/signatureFile25579.jar" has been tampered!
      Invalid content: org/eclipse/jet/internal/xpath/functions/extras/SortFunction$DescendingXPathComparator.class
      The file "org/eclipse/jet/internal/xpath/functions/extras/SortFunction$DescendingXPathComparator.class" in the jar "/tmp/signatureFile25579.jar" has been tampered!
  • Install successful after deselecting JET features, but with the following warning logged on startup 231987:
Tue May 13 22:06:01 EDT 2008
A conflict occurred for COMMAND+SHIFT+U:Binding(COMMAND+SHIFT+U,
ParameterizedCommand(Command(,Show Occurrences in File Quick Menu,
Shows the Occurrences in File quick menu,
Category(,Search,Search command category,true),
ParameterizedCommand(Command(,Open Filtered UML Classifier Meta-Elements Dialog,
Open Filtered UML Classifier Meta-Elements Dialog,
Category(org.eclipse.modeling.editors,Modeling Editors,Modeling Editors Commands,true),,
  • When opening the Search dialog, several exceptions thrown 231988
  • In View list, Ecore Tools views are found in Other, and not an Ecore category (or similar)
  • Mint examples have improper branding: providerName and pluginName in About, along with separate feature icon, although modeling32.png 232147

User Interface Contributions

As a general comment on UI contributions, it seems most projects are fond of using their project/component name or abbreviation. This does not always work well, e.g. 'Ecore Tools Diagram' where a more general name would be better, e.g. 'Ecore Diagram' (OK, so bad example as this name is used by the GMF diagram example).

  • Net4j (?) contributes a 'Buddies' root category to the Preferences dialog.
  • Several EMF/Ecore-related preferences would be better located under a common 'EMF' (or even 'Modeling') category. Specifically, 'Ecore Tools Diagram', 'EMF Compare', and 'Model Validation' all seem to be EMF-centric preferences.

Additional Modeling Installation

  • Attempt to install Xpand failed using update site 219248
  • Modeling Workflow Engine (MWE) installed fine, although all but doc feature have improper branding (About dialog)

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